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Growing Indoor Strains Outside

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by csalem03, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. So on they have a larger selection of indoor strain seeds. Would it be possible to grow New York Power Diesel and Haze #1 outdoors this coming summer in the lower northeast region? Both of these strains are listed as sativa dominate indoor types of seeds. What are some problems growing "indoor seeds" outdoors?
  2. finishing times .

    you need strain that can finish before the weather changes to unfavorable.. for most it is frost, for others, like myself, the humidity, and rain sets in causing problems .. so you want to be able to get your plants in before then.

    as long as you can beat the weather .. any seed is fine.
  3. Strains are marketted as "indoor" when they have low odor or low height.
    Strains are marketted as "outdoor" when theyve got pest resistant traits, or high growing height.

    IMHO both the terms "indoor" and Outdoor" are just marketting jargon, any plant can be grown outdoors,and if a plant is too high to grow indoors (6-8ft) then you can just tie them down or top.

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