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    I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on growing indoor seeds outdoors. Some seeds at the seed bank say " grows indoor" others say "grows indoor/outdoor". Are the indoor/outdoor seeds more hardy and better able to handle natural conditions than the indoor only seeds? Or maybe it doesn't matter as long as you can provide superior growing conditions outside?? Will the indoor only ones tend to go into early flower outside? I got one of these Girl Scout Crack feminized seeds free with my order. It says "indoor" but I don't have an indoor growing set up and only grow outdoors. Do you think it will grow okay outdoors?

    Girl Scout Crack Feminised Seeds | Seedsman | Cannabis Seeds
  2. Yeah lots of reasons shy they say that.
    On of the big ones you missed is bud rot. Some strains are quite prone to it in certain environments so that plays a factor in a lot of the indoor/outdoor recomendations i believe
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  3. I see, thank you for responding! So indoor only seeds are more prone to bud rot when grown outside? Or maybe root rot too?
  4. While you can grow any weed indoor or outdoor there are strains that are designed to be grow indoors/outdoors. Indoor and outdoor normally have characteristics that makes it easier to grow in there conditions they are designed for. This means that indoor weed tends to be shorter and outdoor weed tends to be hardy and have early-flowering tendencies.
  5. Depending where you live the opening rains can cause bud rot and that's why a lot of outdoor strains will tend to have a shorter flowering time. Bud rot is often triggered by rainy weather, especially if it lasts for days in a row. As bud rot is mold or fungus it thrives in wet conditions and can destroy a whole harvest
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  6. I see, you are right! The flowering time for indoor is always longer. The Flowering time for the Girl Scout Crack (indoor only) is listed at 7-9 weeks (49-63 days), while the flowering time for this strain (8 Ball Kush) by the same breeder but listed as "indoor/outdoor" is listed as 50 to 55 days. 8 Ball Kush Feminised Seeds | Barneys Farm | Cannabis Seeds

    So does this shorter flowering time for the indoor/outdoor strains tend to take longer before going into flower when grown outside? Making for a longer growth phase than the indoor only strains? Or will they go into bud at the same time but the "indoor/outdoor" will just finish earlier?
  7. Theyll start the transition at the same time. Sativa dominant strains tend to take longer to transition and longer to bloom.
    Had a couple like 14 weeks on 12/12 indoors so i just avoid them now.
    Its like watchin paint dry lol.
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  8. Where I grow I don't really get early rains but we do get some pretty hard core wind. When they start budding and start getting heavy I will have to tie them to stakes to keep the branches from breaking from a huge gust of wind. I grow outside but I grow in 20 gal containers, not directly into the ground.
  9. Yes, I realize that sativa blooms later than indica
  10. So I could grow the indoor only seed Girl Scout Crack outside but it will be more prone to bud rot or root rot and it will finish quicker. I suspect it might not grow as large or fast as outside seeds either. Maybe I will try it next season, I have my plants already growing outside for this season, they are all "indoor/outdoor" strains and that's it, win or lose, do or die!!
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    All seeds can be grown inside or outside. It's like saying you can't use indoor soil outdoors or outside soil inside. All seeds run the risk of mould if they get wet outdoors. Air circulation and a roof will help with this. AFA flowering its strain-dependent and light hrs, it has nothing to do with indoor or outdoor seeds.
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