growing indoor Northern lights with 400 watt hps and fox farm

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    So when should I check them?
    Great man thanks I just did that
  2. I have some thoughts, but could anyone give me something scientific about why you should let your tap water sit out for a day before using it? Thanks in advance.
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    Chemicals in city water. Let it sit in open air for at least 24 hours to let chlorine air out of the water.
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    im a total amateur in growing, just started my 1st grow. 5 NL autos, 3 of them germinated in 2-3 days, and the other 2 in 3-5 days. But thankfully all did. They are all under a 400W HPS, in a 120cm/90cm/200cm box. 11 Days under the light they are about 5-6cm tall, one of them has tiny gold dots, which im unsure of exactly it is? Apart from that im really worried about my watering scheme, i water them every 2 days with around 50ml of water. is that correct? the soil looks and feels way to dry even 5 cm in.
    what kind of soil and pots are you using?
    any pictures of the plants with the spots?
  6. Biological soil from a super market and buckets. I was putting enough water not to flood it. Tap water.
  7. are you able to see water run out of the drainage holes in the bucket when you water?
    are you watering them on a schedule or when you think they need it?
  8. No drainage. I put a specific amount of water. And i also did it at specific times, but a then rain isnt on a schedule. So now im worried and i water the plants a few times with more water and off schedule

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