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  1. I'm living in an apartment. I'm wondering if is tart a grow operation in my closet if i will be able to keep the smell from getting out of my apartment.

    I'm not asking if its a good idea or not. I'm just asking if its a possibility to do it without anyone noticing.

    Any info on how to will be nice. if it is possible that is

    Thanks guys.
  2. Sure whats the situation like do they have a maintenance guy popping in a lot ? Either way you gotta go with a tent or build you a box you gotta understand that during flower the smell will consume that place carbon filter is a must.
  3. i doubt the maint guy will be coming in a lot. its a town home so we own the bottoma nd top floor. There are people on the side of us. and i was definately thinking a grow box was the way to go. By carbon filter do you mean ionizer?
    And would that fix the whole problem?
  4. I'm in the same boat, aside from my apartment mates, I wan't NOBODY else to have a clue. I am growing in a walk in closet, and plan to use an ONA bucket for odor control. You can read how to build one here

    I personally have been having trouble finding an appropriate fan and ONA as I am living overseas, but you should have less of that problem. Unless where you live also has a heavy import tax and you can't order shit online cheaply.
  5. Thank you guys.

    So that would completely remove the smell? Or would it just cover up most of it? I only plan on flowering about 6 clones at a time, seeing i have my medical card and its legal. Its just i dont think my apartment manager would want me to do it.

    Also, how often would you have to replace the ONA?
  6. yeah man as long as your exhaust runs through that filter I have an ionizer in my living room helps out. I'm just scared that i will get used to the smell and then the wrong people get wind of it I dont know about that ONA
  7. I haven't used the ONA yet, so I don't know. I've been trying to find out if people have used the spray Ozium to hide grows, because I use it to cover smoke smells and it totally removes any smell. I just don't know if it is harmful to plants or not, so I am afraid to use it.
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  9. How many plants are you going to be growing? I have a 700sq ft apartment by myself right now and I grow out of my closet. I have 3 plants beginning to flower. You can't smell it outside of the apartment or anything, it's not like smoke.

    But when you walk in you can smell it a little bit, the air is a little "sweet". I fixed most of that by leaving my closet and bedroom door shut all the time and just misting air freshener every now and then.
  10. how many plants bro? A couple and you shouldn't have any big probs.
  11. I've got my med card so the most i want to grow legally is 6, i dont think im going to even grow that many. Ill probably just raise 6 or less clones and try to keep them on a cycle with a hydro set up. Ive grown outdoors before on a patio. I'm also curious how much bud a hydro plant like 2-4 feet could produce on a decent yield. Ive never grown indoors before so i dont have a lot of experience.

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