Growing indoor a tin shed

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  1. We are growing indoors, inside a tin shed

    3x3x3 what you reckon
    We will tell you how it goes :p
    But think it will be to cold
    Idk yet
    Will fill use in as it goes
  2. It will probably get very cold In the winter and very hot in the summer unless you have some sort of temperature control
  3. Yeah that's what I reakon but we got pre good weather like maybe -2c low and 30c tops
    So idk were going to do it hope it works and hope the plants go well :)
  4. I know it's not the flashiest or the best but it's wha we got :)

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    Put some mylar on the walls to reflect light and help retain heat

    Emergency thermal blankets are a cheap source of mylar. Old carpet is a free source of insulating material if you can find any.

    Maybe throw a small space heater in there on a timer to only turn on at night. Put a couple of bricks under it for safety reasons. I ran one 750watt heater inside of a tent with blankets hung over the ventilation mesh for a month straight dec/jan, and it didnt make a noticeable increase in the electric bill. It was probably in the 40s (F) outside the tent, and warm inside.

    Im talking about a people-tent here. Back yard camping.

    I can proudly say that Ive seen the movie Step Brothers like 20 times now lol

    Anyway, good luck with your grow.
  6. I have seen this done. Worked okay. But it is hard to control the temp.
  7. Update :) there looking good

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  8. lookin nice, how old are they what seeds are they?
  9. Looking happy, and healthy.
  10. Not sure of the seeds :) my mate gave me a bag of them :) they looking like good seeds, there the same seeds as my outdoor grow
    And those plants are about 2 mths old but for the 1st month and 3/4 they where still as small as the first picture as they where in SHIIIT soil and didnt grow just grew there roots a shit load but now there going good so should be interesting to see how they go :)
  11. hey man im growing out side in a tin shed aswell..down here in the bayou....close to new i have a 6x6x6 grow tent barely squeezed it in there a with a 600 HPS light, i do have a fan hooked to the light and a box fan in thier to circulate air. i did have temp problems until i bought the fan that hooks onto my light. Good luck.
  12. Op how are the plants doing ??
  13. hey just wondering where use manged to get half decent lights from? :)

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