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  1. So i'm about to start growing with my friend soon. We kinda just want to grow for personal use but we don't know what would be easier to grow for a beginner. Is an indica easier to grow than a sativa?
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    Indica is a great strain for beginners because its a llot more lenient and can tolerate more abuse which you will probably be giving it plenty ofthat considering its your first time. Sativa requires more expertise and isnt a good indoor plant. Pick up some Indica for your first grow. You will be happy you did b.
  3. Imo either or it really just depends on your growing area ,what your growing with(lights), and what your growing in(soil,soilless,hydro,aero) I am on my first grow and I got 7 diffrent strains ranging from indica to sativa to hybirds. Personally I would recomend picking up one strain to start with its a pain n the ass to have to make special shit just for one plant out your whole grow. And really depends on what you guys are going to wanna smoke. Your most likly going to have a good supply of it after harvest. You got to make sure your going to not like it but love it

    chill & smoke some bud!
  4. Growing with your friend? Never a good idea. There is no aspect to growing that is a 2 man job... except for maybe trimming larger grows.
  5. As long as only one person knows of your grow then if something happens you know who to blame ;). Make it a point to let this person know that in a nice way just to avoid complications.
  6. I had both in my 1st grow. The sativa was def more sensitive to ferts/watering and took longer to finish. In addition the buds aren't as dense so you need to be careful with drying and curing so it doesn't get too crispy. Nice high though i like a little variety lol. Good Luck.
  7. He'd make the job a lot easier and he's a really cool guy to smoke with haha. But i'm just gonna grow an indica strain mainly because i prefer the effects of an indica strain than a sativa strain. Thanks guys.
  8. That's the only way to do it! Grow what you like to smoke, and don't worry about anything else.

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