Growing indica and sativa together?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Thathippie, May 23, 2010.

  1. Im just about ready to harvest my first grow:hello: so I am planing my second one. I want to grow northern lights (an indica) and jack herer (sativa dominant) in the same closet. I am planning on making it a sog grow. I have no way of acquiring clones and no room where I live to have a mother room so I want to do sog from seed.

    sooooo what do you think is it possibly? advisable?
  2. Impossible is nothing! I'm currently gowing Super Silver Haze and LA Woman, LSTd early on so both of them are equally high except a runaway cola on the SSH that stretched on its own for some reason, during 12/12 right after the hooks were removed. Also grew from seed. If you are limited on height you will want to top your plant during veg (Sativa) and tie it down to make it grow bushy insted of tall.
  3. thanks and I dont have any height I just was not shure if the smaller indicas would get enough light if the lights were high up to accommodate the sativas.
  4. Totally man, LST or SCROG those babies and they'll be fine. Sativas grow higher in general, but if you keep them at the same level manually with a training method, the canopy will be even until most of the way through flowering. That's all that matters, even light dispersal.
  5. Take a look at my last grow, I Grew a sativa and a indica next to each other. The sativa is lower to the ground. About 8 " Also I used a SCRoG to try to keep a level canopy, This way each plant can get the same amount of light.

    Evil :smoke:

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