Growing in winter w/ greenhouse

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  1. Hello everyone first let me start off by saying I live in New England and as some of you may now the winters can be a bit chilly especially for cannabis plants. Not to worry about that I have a greenhouse and can manage the temperatures fairly well. My only problem is that when I plant my seeds (Beginning of August) they will germinate, but the days will be shorter because of winter which will force the plants into a flowering stage due to the lack of 'sunlight hours'. I would like to veg my plants out during part of the winter for at least for 30 days (early to mid September) to get them nice and fat. Is there a possible 'loophole' I can do to make my plants veg longer.

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    Put a light in ur green house when u wanna flower jus leave the light off or could cover plants for only 12 hrs light deprivation

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