growing in winter (please help)

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  1. I am really considering growing ,I have woods behind my house and not many people go over there.Could I possibly grow in that soil during this time of year? Or put it in a pot? Also I live in ST.louis Mo and its bout 20 farenheit but seeds work the best?
  2. It will not grow, it is semi tropical plant.
  3. not even autoflowering?
    No temperature is a huge deal. growth is super slow at 50F, so slow its not worth planting. Thats why indoors is the way to go this time of year.
    below 30 degrees the plant is dead.
  5. What month would be ok to grow outside for autoflowering
  6. Auto or not you want to be safe from frost.
    here is a map that shows approximate dates of last frost from historical data.
    looks like the 1st of May would be safe but that's no guaranty.

  7. You need greenhouse, even so you still need to heat it up. Around here its 35 and in the greenhouse for me is 45 you can veg it indoor and put it outside around late april.
  8. We had nice weather in may 90s 100s so this dumbass went a head Knowing better and planted last week of May lost all but 1 so back to my GOLDEN rule 1st weekend in june and still may have to cover
  9. I don't understand anything you just said
  10. Ok go ahead and plant them now not like anyone listens anyhow
  11. Learn your Own lessons
  12.   Oddly enough a year ago I wouldn't have understood a word of billys comment either..  It has to do with Photoperiod clones and setting them out to early.. Much before June 1st they flower and you wind up with a semi re-vegged plant that's more of a mess then it's worth..
    A mistake I took and figured a way to use.. But I'm in So Calif and can get away with flowering outside year round.. Just doesn't get that cold here..
      With some work and a little figuring you can try and run an early spring crop by vegging plants inside and putting them out once the last frost is past.. A short time Indica or a mess of autoflowers for example..
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    No i froze last year 1st week of june tarping 2nd week still
    Get used to it.  LOL  Translation, don't sweat a few extra weeks veg time.  They are tender when young so use extra caution when putting them outside at a young age.  My last average frost is end of April, but I don't dare put plants out until end of May-June for temperature and lighting reasons.  Better safe then sorry in the begining.
    General rule of gardening, look outside.  Do you see any green foliage alive?  If not you need to wait.
    Your in a good position, 4 months to read and learn a bit.
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    im vegging mine right now, in greenhouse its winter but no rain for 2 month just 2 day of sprinkle last month . Sun is bright in norcal, there doing great with heate at night,so anything is possible lol,but for you 20f is too cold
  16. yea yesterday it was 15 below lol
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    thats cold lol the coldest i seen around here is 30s
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    Greenhouse is cheating concerning this topic!  
    IMO 40f is too cold for seedlings, or young plants.  I've put them out as early as early May without major issue.  Thing I noticed, when the day temps are around 60, and nightime temps are 40's...there's not a lot of growing going on outside. 
    Just my 2 cents.  You cali growers live by different rules, literally.  I say that with pure jealousy.  Not jealous of your real estate prices, or property/income taxes, and I live in a state that's nowhere close to cheap.
  19. I dont know dude I got some in backyard they so slow .

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    I don't understand what your trying to say.

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