Growing in West Texas?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Berry, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone, I am about as new to this as you can get. Me and a few friends were given a whole bag of seeds by one of our friends, and planted them in very moist potting soil in a pot covered with plastic wrap ( to make it like a greenhouse one of my friends said who apparently has grown other plants in his mother's garden.) We placed them far out on his property because we had no other place to put them. I live in west texas and it is starting to get pretty hot outside this time of the year, and sunny. By reading some other threads I can tell this isn't that bad. The soil isn't that great here and I don't know if anything will grow if we transfer them to the ground later. If anyone else lives in this part of the United States or has similar conditions or just has any advice at all It would really be appreciated because I dont know what the hell I am doing and dont want to mess up.
  2. if you live in west texas, it'll probably be getting too hot for the babies.. plus the soil is hard and clumpy.. you could make a garden.. dig up all the bad soil, replace it with good soil plant and pray...
  3. Yeah it is starting to get really hot here. We have the plants growing in pots at the moment and are not going to move them to the soil because the ground here isn't worth shit. I just hope it doesn't get to hot. We have them in a shady place that is cooler but still gets enough sunlight though. Im hoping for the best.

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