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  1. So a friend and i recently started growing outdoors.  We have a large field with an abundance of 10 to 15 feet high pine trees in thick patches.  The thought occurred to us to put planks of wood near the tops of these trees, and tie pots to them in which to grow in.  This way, sunlight would almost never be an issue, and also they would not be easily found, as nobody would be looking up for pot plants.  The trees are easily climbable, so checking and harvesting would not be an issue. We find it odd that the thought has not already been thought up. Can anyone think of any cons? Or is it a pretty decent idea? Feedback would be cool.

  2. but when someone saw planks running tree to tree they might think what the hell is that? right? would kinda suck having to water them also,eh?people would think now what the hell is that guy watering in that tree and what the hell are those planks?
  3. Fantastic idea, while youre at it, build a treehouse and pay a mexican to live there and water it, and fight off bald eagles with his mighty sword!
  4. Ok first off fucker, planks would definately not be running tree to tree. just one in every other trees, were not a bunch of fucking Ewoks from star wars. Second off, Spanky the Cool, it would take less than a minute to climb it quick and water it.  With that being said, Fuck You. What a dumb ass reply.
  5. Before popping off how about you do a little research and find out how bad of a idea his is. It gets talked about 5-10 every year so don't worry you didn't think of any thing earth moving.
  6. Did i ever say that it was an earth moving idea? No. Please, read before you try to be an asshole next time.
  7. We find it odd that the thought has not already been thought up.

    Pretty sure i understand it clear. You really thought you were the first person to think of growing in a tree. Epic fail all around.
  8. Jesus, hard ass over here.
  9. No it's just the same dumb crap every summer once the kids get out of school. It gets pretty old.
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    sr ganj, didn't mean to offend. freekin relax my friend. i guess i haven't thought of it. and now that i am it doesn't seem like it would be a good idea. also i always wondered where the ewoks grew there reefer, them little bastards.hahahaha  :laughing:
  11. This guy is so hostel. I think it's because he is realizing how bad of a idea it is.
  12. I Lmao'd at ur replies, especially about the Ewoks but idk man, go for it. Just try an make sure their as hidden as possible

  13. Somebody trys this every year. And a couple noobs per year think they've had a unique idea to do this per year it seems

    One out of say 20 pull it off.

    Most end up dashed to dust after falling out of trees. And never do the plants look 100% Imho.
  14. bald eagles shit whole Mexicans! Wife beaters, vato sunglasses and all still intact... 'Murica.
  15. Ive done this before, its too much hassle to water though because pots dry out so fast, also its easier to see the tree pots than just a plant on the ground
    but if your confident no one will go near, do it
  17. Hey don fuck off with those mexican jokes, piece of shit.
  18. Hey Sir you wont know till you try
    What I was saying was that i have never heard of the idea before. Never did i mention that it was earth moving. I'm not wasting anymore time, obviously you know everything and if you don't like an idea it obviously will not work. I'll try it and if it works, i'll post pics and make sure to let ya know.


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