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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kyle9107, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Hi, i would like to grow some bud in my trailer .
    and i would like to know where i should grow the plants, could i do it in a cabinet/closet or in the bathtub.

    the cabinet/closet is probably 3.5feet high, 2-2.5feet wide, and 2-2.5 deep.
    but when closed it is almost completely sealed, so i don't think there will any ventilation unless i leave the cabinet door opened a crack.

    the bathtub is also a stand up shower that is probably 6feet high, 2feet wide, and 3-4.5feet long. and the inside of it is white.

    I'm not that concerned with the smell.

    also would i need a heater or maybe a heat lamp cause summer is going to be over soon and would i need a fan too for ventilation?

    I would really like your help/advice.
  2. There are many tutorials and how-tos around. I'm not a grower so I can't really help much.

    Welcome to grasscity! :D
  3. You definately need a fan to blow on your plants, but room temp. should be alright..
  4. I sure hope you're not considering growing in your bathtub. Get a grow cabinet, or go with the closet if you have one readily available. Perhaps you should get a Hydro Hut or something.
  5. What's wrong with growing in a bathtub? (seriously, i don't know)

    I have a spare full bathroom that no one uses or even has reason to go into, and I've considered simply putting a lock on the door and making it a grow room. It has power outlets, an exhaust fan, running water, drains... It's like a big grow cabinet already.

    (and yes, I own the whole house, there's no "stealth" issue other than having the occasional supervised visitor on the first floor.)
  6. wait... i found another cabinet that has a hole at the bottom of it that i could put a computer fan in, now i just need someway to suck the air out of there.
  7. Drill a hole in the top and put a comp. fan in there
  8. yeah i would do that but its not really "my" trailer, its my parents friends and i don't think they will be happy if i drill a hole through the wall. but thanks for the help anyways
  9. wait... lets talk about the bathtub.

    would they grow if i put them in there with no fan and have the curtain open, with just like one or two of those long tube floro?

    and if i do this what should i do about the temp cause the heater doesnt work and i would probaly be doing this during fall? would a heat lamp work, like the kind you put in a lizards cage?

    sorry for all the questions but it would be cool if you could answer them.
  10. i dont know about growing in your bathtub, but i would think you should be fine, it is a flat white color? either way you will need lighting (which you will need to look up depending) you WILL need fans, not only for exhaust, but also for a continuous strengthening of the stem

    it would be ideal to have three fans, one sucking in fresh air, one blowing out fresh air, and a smaller fan to blow on the plants.

    if you give them the right amount of care, it shouldnt matter that much. its apparent your just trying to grow a few plants so if your trying to low budget and you dont want to buy mylar etc.. then i dont see why the tub wouldnt worl

    use the search im sure this has been brought up many times.
  11. Dude if you do not own the trailer.. do not grow in it..
    bad carma...
  12. The bathroom idea sounds great! I don't have the luxury of a spare bathroom, but it sure would make a great grow room.

    I don't think I would fill the bathtub up with dirt or anything like that, but you could surely put the pots (5 gal Homer Paint Buckets) in there.

    If the room has a window, be sure to light-proof it both to prevent stray light from messing up your flowering photoperiod as well as to keep folks from thinking the Tommyknockers have set up shop in your john.

    Most bathrooms have an exhaust fan so ventilation wouldn't be a problem. You'd just have to rig up some scaffolding to hold the lights...a 2X4 frame set inside the tub should work well.

    This could be good, gonna keep watching.

    Good Luck!

  13. didnt see that thanks for pointingit out.. grow away dude... to stoned :smoke:

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