Growing in the winter

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  1. Hey I live in new england and was wondering if it would be to cold to grow in a basement in the winter?
  2. Are you using any kind cabinet or grow tents?

    If so it will be okay. If you are using aircooled lights than the temp will okay. You don't want to have the temp above 80f. The low 70's or 75f will be fine.
  3. You control the temps with an indoor grow...
  4. The basement is a great location for growing year round here in New England.

    I grow in a 4x6 tent in the basement I find the cooler & winter months make it easy to keep temps in check.

    In the summer I use a 600 watt HPS which will keep temps anywhere from 75-80. I use an air cooled hood with a carbon filter and vent to the outside.

    But as soon as it gets cooler (late Sept early Oct.) I pop in the 1000 watt HPS bulb.
    The 1000 watt bulb will keep temps about 10 degrees warmer inside the tent. Today the basement temp is 66 but its 77 in the tent, perfect for growing!

    As the colder weather comes I disconnect the duct from the outside vent and let it pump directly into the basement.
    This keeps the basement dry and toasty all winter.

  5. I was just thinking when the lights are off it might be to cold because it is colder than the rest of the house.
  6. ...And it might be, without a heater. Again, you control the temps.
  7. i live in scotland and i prefer to grow in the winter as it is easier to controll the temps.

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