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  1. spring is fast approaching so i need to find some seeds

    this year ill be growing in the northwest wich isnt exactle know for its tropical climate we get a lot of rain and a lot of clouds. hopfully ill be in a spot that stays warm dry and sunny but you never know.

    last year i used bagseed wich was okay and i didnt have any major problems in the season one plant started rotting after a deer chomped on it

    the thing im stuggling with is the harvest im getting from each plant i can get about a QP per plant but i want to be getting a minimum of at least three times that amount

    so ive been looking into buying seeds this year...
    a few i was looking at was....(i think they are all from the nirvana seed bank)

    durban poison
    early girl
    hollands hope
    early special
    swiss miss

    im trying to find a strain that will work well in a short, wet grow season or a nice warm and dry season.

    drop some advive :p
  2. Ah im up here too bro. Ive been thinking of what strains i might want to try.

    I have been considering the lowryder 2 or other autoflowering strains. Those have small yields though. But i want to do some of those just incase some of my longer grows or bagseeds end up not finishing or something ile have something to show for the season.

    A few fast easy little guys....girls.:cool:
  3. Hi guys, I am also a NW farmer. I've heard some of the best around comes from the Okonagan near Omak, east of the Cascades, or in southern Oregon where folks actually get some real sun. In the foothills above Seattle its very hit or miss. Mostly miss!

    An excellent outdoor growing guide from an Erowid resource:

    It includes lots of great info on fighting the most common challenges for outdoor plants, such as fungus, and some great strategies for your trail, the plot and the timing of the harvest.

    One of the long-time favorite early-finishing strains that fit our somewhat grey and early/cool fall here in the Northern Lights. It has a fairly tight finish of 10 weeks and can be wrapped up in late Sept, before the cooler October nights bring on mold and fungus. If the deer haven't chewed 'em first!

    I have yet to finish a set outdoors but I think this year will be different. Taking some clones in mid-March, to be raised to robust little 14" babies, inserted into 4" PVC tubes and transplanted outside in mid-May.

    My ideal strains would be 'early flowering' versions of these (as a suggestion for your research):
    - Northern Lights
    - Big Bud

    - any kind of Skunk:

    In a sunny spot, somewhere near a little creek, where 1/2" nylon black tubing can be snaked over to the grow site...
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    Well i was looking through some strains and when they harvest. I was thinking since the first frost around here is around the 19th of september and where im growing its a little bit higher up so it would be even colder, id be gambling with almost all of them seeing then they harvest in late sept into october and some even into november (Place isnt even accessible anymore due to snow.). But i was thinking if they died they wouldnt have no bud at all, they just wouldnt be quite finished. But then i came across this

    Its basically calling me, its saying that its ideal for my conditions and is mold resistant and harvest is in early september :hello:. And its got the perfect name for its grow location (Mountain mist).

    Anyone know about this strain? I think this is a reputable seed bank, what do you guys think?
  5. I finished my outdoor grow last year with a NL x Blueberry cross which did quite well. Planted in mid May and harvested in mid October. I think any NL strain or cross would serve well in this area. Just my opinion, not a fact.
    This year, I'm going to try a strain called Perma Frost, which is a NL x Train Wreck cross. Hope it does as well as last years............
  6. Octoberrr...

    Im not gonna ask where your at up here. But my shited be dead by then :p
  7. October is so wet for oregon, it always rains on Halloween. However it stays pretty warm until early Nov.... and by pretty warm, normally warm enough for cannabis.
  8. I used to live in medford. Gets niiiice and hot and bright as hell. But around october it would be pretty cold. Thats just for trick or treating though :p. A plant could probably finish.

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