Growing in the mountains?

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  1. I have grown down here in FL quite a few times, but soon I am moving to WV. I will have 22 acres of the great outdoors to play with. Since most of my knowledge comes from indoor grows, I have grown a few plants outside. My question is, is there anything special I need to know when growing in the mountains. I read someplace that WV has the least amount of sunny days in the US. Will they still grow up there, should I look for a certain strain? I am open to any input. I kinda plan to grow 2-3 plants in 4-5 spots, and since the area I am going to butts up against even more wilderness(thank god for google earth) I figure I will really be able to spread them out.

  2. West virginia should be fine to grow, I'm in florida Also. Just Make sure you find spots with plenty of light. I doubt West virginia gets the least amount of light in America, I bet somewhere up north holds that record. it might rain alot but MJ tends to like rain especially in the mountains because you won't have to worry about standing water like down here in the dirty south.
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    48 days of sunlight is what I read. I somewhat believe this, because I lived in TN......where it seemed as though it never shined.
  4. i dont know about sun in WV but i do know boboflex hails from point pleasant...(an awesome band) and depends on ur elevation where u grow as the higher up u get the lees 2000 ft above sea level would make a diff....but what could you do besides put a co2 pillow next to ur plants.....also the mothman gets high and he could deff get at ur stash.......
  5. Ive lived in easern panhandle almost all my life. We do get alot more sunny days then that. During the summer its awesome as for growing the plants ive grown and have seen others grow up there usually always have this weird stench to it unlike skunk or anything ive ever had and the weed usually taste bad not sure what exacly im doing wrong but in the potomac valley that shit grows real well just havent had any homegrown that tasted good lol.
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    Here ya go How Many Sunny Days Do We Get Each Year? | KOMO News - Breaking News, Sports, Traffic and Weather - Seattle, Washington | F.A.Q.

    That's where I got the 48 days from.

    I am glad to hear that it grows well up there. I am going near Morgantown, so almost the same location.
    Maybe they are drying it wrong or something? I just know that I wont know a sole, and I don't plan to go without :D
  7. Anyone got any tips on the drying of the buds? Most ofwhat i plan on growing this year will prob be Mid and prob a Purp plant or two! If ayone else knows anything about growing in the WV appalachian mountain valleys outdoors and has any tips on the growing and the drying it be a great help :D

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