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Growing in the Maine woods

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by DzdNcnfsD, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. I've been growing outdoors for 11 years and indoor for 7, so I'm definately not a noob. My question is, are there any exceptional strains for Maine's short and rainy grow season. I've grown afghani and Durban poison for years with some luck and recently have been experementing with other strains/hybrids. Pure equatorial sativas don't finish and most hybrids with alot of sativa cut it too close to the heavy frosts that start mid-October. I would like a indica/sativa hybrid that has a sativa high,that is mold resistant, potent, and early enough to beat the frost. Thanks for your suggestion on strains and where to buy the seeds.
  2. Have a look at mandala seeds :)
  3. I would try the auto flowering strains>
  4. There are some "Super-Auto's" that have sativa highs and finish in about 10 weeks. Lemme know if you are interested and I'll throw you the link.
  5. I grew in maine last year I had church seeds feminized from greenhouse seed co I got them from seedmadness I pulled about 6 ozs a plant ended before it got to cold cut after the first heavy frost
  6. 6 oz's a plant is pretty good for an area that has a short growing season.
  7. Depends on what strain you grow I started mine indoors for two weeks
  8. I started mine indoor the beginning of December.
  9. You start them.in december where do you live
  10. I said I started them INDOOR in December. I'll be moving them outdoor. When the time is right.

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