Growing in the forests of British Columbia

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  1. How would I go about growing in one of the forests (not a regional park) near my house. It gem an get as low as -10 in the winter. But in the summer and spring the weather is decent a fair amount of sun and rain. How would I start growing?

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  2. First step find a spot
  3. First check for Bigfoot tracks. Then Look for sun and dirt and water. Then look on here about gorilla grows. Don't expect much if it's not on your property it's up for grabs for anyone or creature. You'll need seeds.
  4. Focus on sun, and give it lots of water if you are in a dry spell...

    Don't put seeds in ground, rather start seeds in February or so, and get them as big as possible. Ensure you kill males, and plant in nice, loose soil. Fertilize every few weeks with 20-20-20, trim leaves, double stalk and bend branches to promote growth.

    Around august 1 switch fertilizer to 10-60-10, and continue trimming and watering.

    Stop fertilizer second or third week of September, but continue watering.

    Stop watering about one week before cutting down plant. If nights are getting cold, wrap overnight with burlap, and uncover in the morning.

    Hang to dry very slowly. Clip bud, put in paper bag and gently mix daily. When bud is crispy, put in non sealed plastic bag.

    Smoke weed and enjoy that good ol BC Big Bud.

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  5. I live not to far from you as far as latitude goes Wa. state and I just realized that this year was my 30th year growing 90% outdoor and I say that because I start indoors in winter under T5s and or cfls. There are a million ways to grow and twice as many opinions it seems. What I recommend is selecting your spot as previously suggested, winter is a good time because with all the deciduous trees bare you can better see tracks, trails,houses etc. Then make soil and compost stay off the bottled stuff and make your life really simple. Find Clackamas Coots recipe for soil and listen to what he has to say. Find seeds, get what you like but do your homework on finishing times and dates and plan accordingly. I recommend finishing safely by the first of october to be safe. It sucks to loose a crop cause you pushed your luck. Start your seeds indoors in feb-march. You don't need big fancy lights cfls will work more than fine do your home work on lighting. All the while do homework on soil and growing microbes and such. Growing SOIL! not cannabis. Sorry didn't me to yell. Outdoors nature rules dont' fight it learn from it cannabis didn't evolve indoors with fake lights and pre chewed food. No goddamn it,it's one of natures creations. So stick with mother nature your end results will be superior and tastier. Prep your sight did as big a hole as you can and fill it with as much of your soil mix and compost, mulch it and come back when the danger of frost has surely passed and set your good sizes babies out as mentioned by our friends before. Give them compost tea regularly once a week make sure they are watered well and your soil doesn't get too dry. This is a stripped down version but it works.Do it like this this up coming year the and maybe you'll harvest some flower to be proud of. If you don't like this method you didn't blow a huge sum of cash and ya move on. But I can tell you this more is not always better and neither are high N-P-K numbers. Use single ingredients to make soil. Like kelp meal,alfalfa, sea bird guano as examples. You don't need three different sources of phosphorous or nitrogen etc. Waste of money and single ingredients will save you money and heartache later. Don't stress and enjoy they also like to be talked to everyone does it.
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  6. You will need a secure spot from thieves and police. I suggest you put chicken wire around the plant to keep critters out. Also, piss and shit around the plant. Spread dog hair around it. And finally, if you can afford it, get a trail cam. Good luck on your gorilla grow!
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