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  1. Does growing in smaller pots harm the plant?
    I am growing in a grow box that's 15" wide by 12" deep by about 30" tall .
    I am trying to grow in smaller pots so the plants don't grow so high.
  2. not in my experience but it will decrease the size of the plant and the yield.
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  3. There's 'cup challenges' sometimes where competitors are only allowed solo cups, so yes
    (not my picture)
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  4. Dam, i didn't know this was a sport.

    For all the "hassles" of bringing in seeds to OZ & their price, i can't enter this challenge atm.;)
  5. I have grown in in 10 gallon all the way down to 1 liter. I know there are many exceptions. For me personally, size of container is #1 factor determining size of plant. Not however weight of yield. Yield is determined by buds per square foot. I do not have the skills for 1 liter. My plants were stressed and that makes me stressed. As it is now, the way I grow, I see no real reason to exceed 1 gallon for my autos. Four autos in one gallon bags take up about the same space as one auto in a 5 gallon bag. The 4 autos together will come close to the yield of one big 5 gallon. So, growers preference. I like the four one gallons because that is 4 different smokes.

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