Growing In New Mexico Desert

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by k9brandon1, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. hello my fellow growers!!!!! I have experience growing indoors and i have been rather successful but to my dismay my job is sending me to new mexico and i am going to move there april 10 2007. i am going to be living in the desert of new mexico and i need some tips on how to prepare the soil and how to grow successfully in that climate. thanks alot ppl!!!
  2. Buy soil, use pots. I'm pretty sure weed won't grow in desert soil. Weed plants will be pretty obvious in the desert too.
  3. arent weed plants originally from teh desert like in mexico dumb@$$?
  4. Cannabis originated in Asia, possibly on the more gentle slopes of the Himalayas or the Altai Mountains to the north
  5. With that kind of attitude why the hell would anyone want to help an idiot like you.

    If someones trying to help you at least say thanks for their input, people seem to have less and less respect these days.
  6. what part of n.m.? i've lived in n.m. and can give you a heads up on certain areas...
  7. well i seem to have an attitude to people who talk out of their @$$ if you dont know then dont act like you do....but anyways im going to be moving to the Roswell area about 3 hours north of the mexican border

  8. For someone asking for help you sound like a little bitch.

    I hope your plants die and dry up, no ones going to help you if you call them an ass
  9. The UFO people may want your plants, I've heard some stories...;)
  10. .. . . .

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  11. [quote name='k9brandon1']arent weed plants originally from teh desert like in mexico dumb@$$?[/quote]

    I think if you read what he said, it had nothing to do with whether you could grow in the desert, what he said was the soil is poor and all that green is going to be obvious from along way away. Those were the points that was being made. Time to swallow a little of that ego before you piss to many ppl off.
  12. Oh yeah and your an ass hole brandon, find another forum.

    That second post was in no way sarcastic or dimeaning, it was actually very true.
  13. i quite agree

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