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  1. Are there any New England growers here? I was thinking about it and I don't know when to start
  2. Even if he doesn't live in the mountains, we have no clue. Good info though, frost will kill young plants. How discreet do they have to be? You don't want to plant in april or even may if you don't want monsters. They will get fucking big really fast. Usually this means more bud, but it can mean no buds if somebody finds your plants.

    Are you going to LST? Supercrop or HST?

    Don't know what that is? Look it up, billy!

    If you're going to LST you can definitely plant earlier than if you aren't going to train at all.

    So come on OP, out with it. What kind of yeild do you want out of this grow? Are you going to grow guerrilla or on some friendly property? Where do you plan on planting? How do the native plants look there? Are they short or tall? What strain are you going to grow?

    TELL ME! :poke:
  3. I'm not in the Northren lattitudes, but if I were I'd look into autoflower strains given the short growing season.........
    peace B
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    You realize that the plant is going to veg for the entire summer? It doesn't matter if you plant it in April, May or June! It will only start flowering when the days begin to shorten. Are you talking about Diesel Ryder? I thought that Diesel Ryder took less than 100 days from seed? Auto's are the future of Northerner outdoor dankness!

    He can't grow Sour Diesel outdoors. He can only grow early finishers. I know. I'm not too far north. Too much rain in the fall, and it gets cold really early. If the mold doesn't get you, the frost will. Sativa is not going to survive to maturation around here.

    If it could, it would grow naturally.

    You're a smart dude. + rep suka. You could always plant late in april, harvest by mid june. Plant again right then, and harvest early september. Two full life cycles in one season! Double dipping!

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