growing in new england?

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  1. ok so my big question is, can you grow a decent strain of bud outdoors with new england wether, will plants withstand the snow for the following year/
  2. yes you can grow decent strains in NE, im in mass as well...but you wont be able to make any strain withstand snow, unless u were to take a clone of the mother plant and bring it indoors for the winter
  3. saw your other thread which is closed now. NE weather is said to be brutal. Start after the last frost in spring, plants will be ready before snow.
  4. Some say that there won't be any frosts after Memorial day. I guess you can start in April or May, and check your weather for frost. If there is frost, youll have to bring it inside. (If you don't plant in the ground)
  5. Where in NE? I grew up in Mass, and I can say that frost after April is non-existant. In fact, frost in later April is pretty rare. However, Maine may be another story.... I have always been fascinated with the possibilities of perennial marijuana, i=that would be a kick ass plant.
  6. Im in CT, and there was 1 day this year and it was like a week before labor day and it frosted. It fucked up everyone's tomatoes.
  7. Yes, it's possible, but You have to go with a strain that's well adapted to the cold,
    i.e. Purple #1. So just research some strains and go with the one that best suits You.

  8. Damn that sucks.

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