Growing in new england

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jdmronda9, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. im planning my outdoor grow early and i wanted to know good strains members from new england, preferably MA, CT, or NH , have used and their success, its a tricky climate so im sticking to things that finish flowering early, but any other tips are welcome too
  2. hey im in nj but me and my buddy had a good year last year outdoors...we had a ny diesel and 2 love potion #1....have you ever grown outdorr before?
  3. nothing ever too successful, not a start to finish deal, i was planning on using grow bags for easy transport, fox farm grow mediums (re thinking that one since i was reading not to use ocean forest, ive heard mixed things) ive had a few concerns, i wanted to just use 10 gallon grow bags instead of having to replant, minimize my trips to the spot so im not attracting attention, the location i chose is a nice little clearing in the woods, not easily accessible cuz of a swamp but if it floods its high enough up that it wont be effected too much, i havent seen any kind of human interaction with the location either, except for some trash that lookd like it was dumped there maybe 10 years ago
  4. if your in a swampy area make sure you mound your soil up and to use lime
  5. Be ready to move them inside if necessary.
  6. well again im not growing directly in the ground, i pln on using grow bags because theyre easier to carry out into the woods, all the stuff im gonna use i can basically bring out there in three trips using back packs and i plan on tapping a local stream for a water source my bigger concern is using a commercial grow medium, like fox farms or one of the other ones they carry at a home n garden store, and is there an issue in just starting seedlings off in a 10 gallon container as opposed to starting small and transplanting

  7. there is no option to move them indoors cuz im living with roommates and i dont want them finding out about it, theyll show people and i dont want it getting out
  8. well i live in king county wa and the climate it almost exactly the same and i have some questions myself like what is the lime for and how mutch do i have to worry about the rain ive done this in eastern wa near yakima in the desert and over there you have to worry about rabbits and insects but over here idk cuz all we have is raccoons and possums nothing too threatening but it would still suck to have them get eaten flooded or rott

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