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  1. Hey, this is gonna be my first time growing. I was thinking of buying a 5 pack of Feminized LowRyder 2 and planting those in the woods and have a friend take care of them since the woods are right behind his house. I'm not exactly sure on how well these are going to grow seeing as the climate in CT can be random in the summer. There's a lot of thunder showers in the summer and it can be either humid or a dry heat. It can range from either 75 or in the high 90's during the summer. Other than Low Ryder I'm looking to try and grow a few other strains so I'm open to suggestions. Some of my choices of growing other than LowRyder 2 would be PPP, Purple Power, and Master Kush.
  2. Well I'm not sure how far north you are but, i think the last frost is January 4 where i live. I have already started my seeds and they are indoor atm. For now i would start preparing a area, maybe put up a small fence to keep animals out. Get some soil and some compost and mix it into some holes that you have dug. Whenever you start your seedlings be sure to keep an eye on the weather ahead.
  3. As long as you look after them and protect them from the elements when they are young you should be good. Last frost up here is 4/20 give or take a few days. Dont expect them to get huge, otherwise they will grow like any other strain. Doing autoflowers for the first time outdoors myself. GL!
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  5. Tundra probably will not finish in time, the others are cutting it close (IMO)

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