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    So this is my first grow. I'm from New England around the mass and ri area. It is pretty cold here still and the trees have just barely started budding. I live somewhat in wooded area. No one has ever really walked in it because there are foxes a lot of coyotes deer and a lot of thorn bushes if your from my area you know our ground is not to fertile so I need to know what strain I should use. Strain, growing, protecting from bugs and deer. I'm about 200-300yrds from and house. The trees haven't gotten any leaves so I avoid going in there to boy be spotted. Here are some picks. I also found a Pepsi can, if anyone could identify its age, thy would be helpful. I also added a picture of an idea view where I'll be planting. Once in a while ill see some small wild flowers so I thought this would e good. Also it's near a stream. Remember the area will get more green
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  3. Are you planning on planting in the ground or buckets? Either way you will have to haul in dirt and add to it. The strain you choose will be more decided based on your elements (shorter season) rather then the kind of dirt you got. You want a short flowering plant that can handle some cooler temps.
  4. In thinking of digging out huge holes and transporting fertile dirt to into it
  5. Should I worry about the acidic level?

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