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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TriggerHappy370, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Hey all, i've decided to grow weed in the closet of my room. I'm getting a lock on my closet door so i dont have to worry about my parents finding the plants. I have a few questions though. Will it reek of weed? If it does reek of weed, what can I do to stop it? the cieling in my closet is roughly 7-8 ft high and there is a light fixture there, I intend to put a High pressure sodium light there, how many watts should the one i get have? Thanks.
  2. If your parents ever go in your room - you will be busted. A 400watt closet grow is NOT something you can hide very well... It will smell like weed, soil, and moisture ; and the hum/buzz from your HPS light will be loud. ALSO - that light will heat that closet up making it at least 10-20 degrees hotter -- that air will then leak into your room & WILL STINK!!!

    If you have to hide it from your parents, it IS NOT WORTH IT. It takes 3 months to harvest a pot plant - do you really think you can hide it for 3 months?
  3. first of all you shouldnt be growing in your parents house without them knowing and this post may get deleted just for that. But on another note YES it WILL smell and there are several things you can do from an ozone simulator to proper ventillation, READ A LITTLE! all the answers are out there just get off your ass and look for em! Also on the lighting the watts depends on how many plants you want to grow.
  4. Well thanks, I think im going to not grow after all.
  5. I wasn't trying to discourage you - because growing is one of the most rewarding things I have experienced.

    But I would hate to see you put 2months effort in and then 10-20days from harvest have your parents find your plant, cut it up, and leave you with nothing!!!

    You would be out a little bit of $$$ and a LOT of effort!

    Until you move out - continue to support your local grower :)
  6. outdoors is an option.. you could still put some plants out. yield would be very low but you would get experience for next year.
  7. Its better to grow in your own place,dont want ya mom and pop to be put in jail for your work :(

    I never had a 400W light hum/buz?

    The trick was to grow outside,well better luck next year :smoke:
  8. My friend grows weed in woods near his house, when i get my car i might just grow w/ him. Thats in about 5 months, not too long.

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