Growing in my basement what do I need

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  1. I was going to get a tent , which is the best one for like under 500 and what else do I need to get sorry to sound newbie but I don't know much
  2. What size tent are you looking for? Gorilla Grow Tents are the top of the line when it comes to quality.
  3. Suze for like 1-5 plants,what about ventilation
  4. You may be thinking too big. If there is a closet, use it. The clothing pole is perfect for hanging a light. You can hang the light low, and raise it as the plant grows. Start simple, with minimal investment. Keep the light on during the day, with the door open and close the door at night. If there is a window, open it for ventilation, but watch for light leaks outside. Put an oscillating fan in front of the plants, and you're good to go. Perfect first grow.
  5. 1-5 Plants is a pretty big range when you are thinking of space. I was in the same situation and settled on 3.  :)   What are the temps in your basement?
    I live in an old house with a semi-unfinished basement.  Depends on the area you live in, and what type of heating/cooling you have in the basement.  This time of year, my basement temps range from 52-56F so I had to provide supplemental heating in my tent.
    Use a closet?? If your plants can fit in a closet....well then there is no point to fucking growing...
    Do you people realize when you half ass this shit and grow reggie weed and get 1 ounce per plant ITS NOT WORTH IT?!?!?!?!?!
    Take your money, go buy a couple ounces, then you wont have to wait 4 months to get your 2 will prolly get better shit buying it to begin with then what you are going to be able to accomplish
  7. I've pulled 4lbs out of a closet. Not sure what you're doing. Lol.
  8. Sometimes it's about the experience and just to tokin' the home grown ya know? :smoking:
  9. Shhhhh.... Nobody told him closets come in different sizes
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    your fucking retarded! Hahahaha noob. I knowQUITE a few people who have grown over a lb in a closet under a 400 Watt, in a dwc system using a scrog setup. I myself have smashed 20 plants in a 2x6x6 closet in a sea of green and pulled just under 400 grams IN SOIL So suck it!

    knives heated dull red
    release sweet smoky nectar
    I am lifted high

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