Growing in my backyard?

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  1. I plan on growing in my back yard and I was wondering if you guys think that's a good idea?
    1. It's fenced and no one is back there
    2. I live with my parents in a very nice neighbor hood
    3. I don't want to buy any expansive equipment.
    4. My dad doesn't care.
    So what do you guy think? Dumb idea or should I do it?
  2. Is it in a legal area? You don't want to just start growing plants behind a fence because they will smell them. About a block is the distance of smell.

    Sade's outdoor Bigfoot territory grow
  3. No it's not legal :( what if I hang car freshener things on a tree near by? my backyards pretty big. Also what if I leave outside during the day and take it inside at night?
  4. Everything seems like a good idea until you get caught. If you live in an area where Cannabis is illegal then you ( and your father ) need to fully understand the risk involved.

    :laughing: Air Freshers will not mask the smell... Bringing them indoors at night will risk exposing them to light leaks.
  5. It will smell for sure but i would suggest you buy an auto strain. The only equipment u will need is a hose tbh and some nutrients (i just get cheap ones from garden store dont bother ordering some bullshit cannabis nutrients, afaik cannabis is a WEED and it will grow literally any where and you dont need fancy nutrients unless ofcourse you are some big shot commercial grower and you need 100% the best product ever.)
    If its just for you a few plants would be enough for start and if its your backyard you can be like 100% sure they all will make it. As for security measures i would suggest you plant them directly in the ground and possibly if some cops or what ever sees it by accident they MIGHT not think you are growing them and just tell the police that those plants have been growing there for decades and u have no idea what the fuck they are. Idk where are u from ofcourse but it all depends on the size of the fence aswell. Maybe its not such a good idea maybe it is. Its your decision but like from royal queen seeds i bought 3 seeds for 25 and got 4th one for free and thats enough for me alteast. Esp if u grow outside the plants will be bigger = more weed to smoke.
    Be smart and dont talk about it EVER.
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  6. Like the way my backyard is situated I can easily hide it I think. My house has a long drive way and I doubt anyone can see it from that far. The only thing is the guys who mow my lawn.
  7. Not trying to be a dick but I do not believe you understand the repercussions of getting caught. Would fuck up the rest of your life. Here they slap you on the wrist even if you don't have a 215. If you are growing over a 100 plants not in a contained area in your yard, then they will step in.

    Sade's outdoor Bigfoot territory grow
  8. Oh and if you collect rain water out here and store it they lose their shit. They are insanely strict on that. It rains here all the fucking time too.

    Sade's outdoor Bigfoot territory grow
  9. What's a 215? What about just growing in my closet?
  10. Do closet do garden but noone can prove that its yours. If they dont catch u doing any thing to it. I know its on your property but someone might aswell have planted it there if its like in the bushes or something. U think cops go and catch 3 plant growers in their bushes? They dont care i can assure u that with the NSA they know every person on these forums who they are and where they grow, but they only touch the ones who deal. Like what the fuck who gives a shit if grow 1 plant for personal use and its like not even THAT good of a weed since its auto. Idk just my 2 paranoid cents.
  11. I hate asking dumb questions, but who are the nsa and how do they know if your growing? Is this site monitored?
  12. Its common knowledge that the NSA monitors every thing, every phone call every home page visited. Its not like they are looking at EVERY person but by accident they might catch u but NSA doesent give a shit about small time stuff like this. Its not like in CSI where they use 1million dollar equpment to solve who killed a stripper.

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