growing in Massachusetts

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by MKIV Matt, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. Is it possible to grow in mass? I was told by a friend that you can but i didn't think the sunlight was strong enough around here?
  2. In a word? yes.

  3. Lol ..Well said mcurry! :D
  4. yes it is possible... im from western mass myself and last summer i grew 2plants to be about 1 foot high and then sold them to a friend who was goin to put them indoors.... just make sure u dont start late or too early like i did last summer ....but ill kno for this summer :)
  5. It is very possible to grow in western mass.. i lived there my whole life and grown outdoors for about 4 years now.. the only problems are helicopters and rippers who steal your sh#t.
    just make sure it is a secluded spot with maxiam sun light
  6. where in western mass r u from?
  7. franklin county area......shelburne bout you?
  8. i just signed up and have a question i wanna ask. could someone please tell me how to post my own thread
  9. im in the westfield area....... i cant wait to next groowing season but for now im growing some leagal herbs indoors to past the time............. as for starting a new thread justin all u hav to do is click on the rectangle either on top or bottom that says new thread

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