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  1. hey guys :wave:
    So here's my thing. I'm living in Lebanon right now, we got some good quality hash here but no dank weed. Just fucking mids which pretty expensive.

    I ve been looking around this forum for a couple month and i decided to start my own grow :hello:

    It s pretty hot here in summer (around 30-35 C and a loooot of humidity so it feels kinda hotter lol)
    Im planning on doing it outdoors cuz i think the plant is gonna like it around here (my friend s got a big house surrounded by woods)
    can u guys plz recommend a site that can deliver seeds to Lebanon?
    and can u also please recommend a strain? Im looking for killler weed with kinda good yields :smoking:.
    Thanks guys:)
  2. c'mon guys please i need some help here..
  3. Check out Lebanese from RSC (The Real Seed Co) they can be found on Attitude...
  4. Hey man i just checked it out. I really appreciate the help but i guess prefer something more "hardcore" :p
    i mean something like white widow, white rhino, nothern lights etc...that we don't have in lebanon, and that will grow easily outdoors.
    thanks again man :)
  5. the 'tude obviously, for a place to order

    umm when ( if ever )does it generally freeze there each year..that is your biggest deciding factor for outdoor grows , and well most places in the Mediterranean are "choice for growing"

    so for You , the sky is the limit ( most likely, unless you are way up in those hills.)..what do you like in your grass.. do you like to get "couch locked", or smoke a reefer and go clubbing.....

    the higher the sativa content the more active you are ..and the more Indica the more prone to hang out and watch TV, just a quick rule of thumb...

    but for outdoors to suggest a strain the first most important question is when does it freeze if at all in the fall/winter of your area?

  6. I'd make sure you know the drug laws there before you start to grow. You might find yourself in front of a firing squad, or standing on a gallows should you get caught.
  7. man i m thinking about planting seeds this month and harvesting in it doesnt freeze where im about to plant them :)
    do u think i can harvest in smth like 4 month?i m not looking for huuuge yields i just want excellent quality and smth bettter than 2-3 oz (ususally if well taken care of outdoors get bigger yields than indoors right?)

    now about sativa/indica, i really don't know what i want :p. i just want something unusual u knw man? :)
  8. thanks toledo for the tip, but we got a private land here. police can't come over plus my country is really corrupted if u didnt knw that :p
  9. in Sept. or Oct., but it never freezes.....

    hmmmmm ok ! I got an idea!!!..try these Mr Nice Seeds Dreamtime

    damn good breeder, you harvest will stagger out , an you get a selection of different highs with good yields.....

    or this one , in case you get wicked humidity in the early fall Sensi Seeds Guerrillas Gusto

    and yes a well taken care of plant out doors will yield a bit more then if done indoors .. LOL..if you do this right, you will get around a pound of grass per female cannabis plant grown ..
  10. hey man thanks a lot for the help!!!
    i really like the "Mr Nice Seeds Dreamtime" but isn't 45$ for 18 seeds a bit too cheap??:p

    and nice "Sensi Seeds Guerrillas Gusto" really liked them too :D
  11. nope , the price reflect that it is a mix pack ( most mix packs are cheaper then other seeds by that breeder, kind of a "hook'em " gimmick)... Dreamtime is just an outdoor mix of genetics..

    look through the attitude ( or whatever seeds bank you choose to use) find a list of strains that sound good to smoke and are compatible with your environment...then take that list and use google. the more positive the info found per strain ..the more probable you will have a successful harvest .

    then head on back and post up a few strains that are at the top of your list , and look/ask for the opinions of growers who have run the same thing....

    other then that ...... plan, read, plan some more , then implement

  12. thnx a lot wharf
    really helped :)

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