Growing in extreme heat Raised bed or smart pots?

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  1. It gets over 100-115 degrees F(very dry heat) for weeks at a time and im wondering what would be better for the heat raised bed or smart pots? I have 5 gallon smart pots but feel like these will not give adequate space for the roots to thrive to their maximum potential.
  2. I don't know, but seems to me like raised beds would be better than smart pots since they are cloth-like and might allow the moisture evaporate quicker. And that's just a guess. Maybe someone with some experience with your type situation will give you some insight into it. Have you tried doing them in 5 gallon buckets. We live in the SE US and we also have very hot summers here, but just the opposite....heavy humidity...and our temps don't actually get that high, just feels like it. LOL. I had 4 clones that were kind of weak and I was just going to toss them, but instead I put them in 5 gallon buckets and finished them on my deck. In my mind, regardless of the heat and overall weather conditions, as long as they get sufficient water and food, they should be good. But we ended up getting well over 6 pounds off those 4 plants after the buckets. And when I cut the plants and dumped the bucket, the root system had nowhere near crowded the bucket. That might be an option. It worked well for us. And since they were so easy to move, if we had someone show up that we weren't expecting, they were easy to grab and hide in my sun porch. We live in the middle of nowhere and have very little company, so most days I just sat them out in the yard and moved them around with the sun so they could get all they could get. They might have been weaklings to start with but they sure did turn into some fine plants. Good luck!! TWW
  3. Raised beds are definitely going to keep your plants cooler than they would be in pretty much any container situation. You shouldn't need to water as much as you would in containers either. The smaller the container, the hotter the soil can become. Almost in any case...More material = cooler soil temp and more water retention. It would take 10 gallons of water longer to reach boil than 1 gallon of water right? The same applies to your soil.
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