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  1. hey,
    ok so i planted some weed seeds that i got from a 20 sac of corn i bought, i dug about 8 in. in some dirt in my nearby forest. they have only been in the ground for a full day and iv watered them twice (yesterday and today). i think this is the wrong way to do it but im not fully sure. they have been getting a full day of sunlight and lots of air. so i need to know if im doing anything wrong or if i just need to start over. thanks for the help.

  2. 8 inches is far to deep for seeds. You should get something to sprout them in like jiffy peat moss. Once they are established sprouts you can stick them in the ground but definitely not that deep.
  3. how deep should they be? and what else should i do with them?
  4. I would suggest getting a book on growing. Also if you're going to grow outdoors dig a hole and remove native soil and fill it with soil from the hydro store.
    Most people germinate seeds either in a jiffy disc or using the paper towel method. I think there is a sticky on this. If you're not going to germinate using one of those methods I'd stick in no more than 1/2" down into the soil. You also don't need to water much. Read through the stickies above your post.
  5. 8in wow lmao holy shit. Made my day

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    8 inches??? lol.
    I don't grow pot, but I've been vegetable gardening for the past half century and the rule of thumb for any seed is to plant it twice as deep as it is big. In other words, a seed that is, say, 1/4" in diameter should have 1/4" of dirt over it.

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