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  1. I was just wondering, How many plants do you guys think i can fit in a 4x5x9 feet closet (Arjan's Haze) and what kind of lights I should use.
  2. don't.... end of story, end of advice, end of thread.
  3. qft. bad idea. But your tuition... probably 6-10 comfortably, I would always suggest a SCROG style but you probably dont have much time, so go SOG and put like 20 in there. if its 9 feet long.
  4. You'll never get away with it in a dorm, way too many people way too close. To grow MJ indoors successfully involves some strange smells, sounds, and activities. You need to have your own, secure place.
  5. All very true
  6. y not with a comp grow box? with really good ventilation? and a good air filter?
    still a huge risk. you couldn't let anyone into your room, and you'd need a lock a good way to hide it in case of inspectors.
  7. In most college dorms, you are subject to search at any time by the police.
  8. Your best bet really is to use the whole room and run around 4000w. You can sleep on the couch in the lounge, it'll be fine....

    In all seriousness though, just don't. You'll be done in a few years with a degree and hopefully a job and place of your own. Just buy your herb in college like everyone else, there's always plenty around campuses. In 4 years I don't think it was ever dry at my college.
  9. you get caught with it you'll most likely get kicked out of school
  10. Most likely?

    I'd say very hell yes. Also depending on the state a nice bit of jail time and probation. Not to mention if you are serious about your education, a background check will find out that you were harvesting MJ. Even if it's a misdemeanor level, it could cost you a job, possibly a career.

    Buy it like everyone else at school.
  11. And arjans haze? you wont fit very many, im growing 4 of them right now and let me tell you once you out them in flower they get HUGE, i let 2 veg for a month from clone and they are 7 weeks and trippled, and the 2 I let veg 2 months are 3 weeks in flower have doubled already, my hommies got over six feet indoor and it went in at 2 1/2. Watch the vid and you know what im talking about. They veg bushy but oh does the sativa come out in flower, and its a long 11 weeker

    [ame=]YouTube - Green House Seed Co. Arjan's Haze#3 Grow w/Russian Subtitles[/ame]
  12. like stated above you wouldnt be able to have anyone in your dorm.the smell would bug u the fuck out.hauling growing equipment would be shady as fuck..especially soil, could be done but you would seriously not be able to have many plants at all and no one could know about it.if you break the rules ur fucked..period

    im all about balls to the wall type shit but you would be buggin while your at class about ur dorm gettin raided..youd prolly come down with a mild case of skitsophrenia<sp?? ah fuck it
  13. no way that will work.... when i lived in a dorm room with 2 other guys we got searched on multipul occasions.. and as far as not having poeple in there..haha serious? lol
  14. Don't seriously..
  15. College grows can be done. I got away with mine. The key is LOWKEY!

    You cant have closet grows. The RAs look in closet, And if you have extention cords running in there they will snoop around.

    PC grow?
  16. Like the others, one more "Don't". Marijuana, when she is flowering, stinks to high heaven. No serious, it's FAR more than smoking really, really stinks...and that stink permeates everything in the room.

    Imagine if you got a pound brick, set it on fire, and just let it smolder in the middle of your dorm room every day. It would not be long before SOMEONE in the hallway noticed the smell. That's what growing is like when they flower; it smells like you have burned a marijuana brick in your room EVERY DAY.

    Your room will smell like pot, your bed will smell like pot, and you clothes will smell like pot. STRONG. Like you had a bath in some pot cologne.

    So, those that need to grow steathy buy big fans with big, activated charcoal filters to filter out the stink. Those things take up a LOT of room and make noise.

    You'd never be able to hide that for very long in a dorm room.

    Bak Alchisk
  17. anythings possible....u wud hav 2 size down ur plants and possibly even switch strains but u wud no doubt have 2 spend round $1000-$1500 on a stealth grow box speaker - and maybe even camouflage that with other real high tech equipment

    if u wanted 2 b quick about it u cud alwayz try 2 force it into flowering early to cut the grow time down to round 2 months

    after that being said I still wudnt recommend it....there cud alwayz be that ONE guy....the potential of ur grow to produce high yield and high quality is pretty low....and just trying to have a successful grow is not even worth risking skool and possibly a career over.....
  18. ^Seriously, is that the way you spell in all your writing?
  19. I know guys who grow in dorms. PC setup works the best. Get one of those fancy cases like you see on AlienWare computers with all the lights and brightly colored fans. This will distract from any light seeping out or make it look normal.

    If you have a laptop it's quite easy because you can just have a fake desktop setup that's used for growing. My buddy just put up a monitor and everything and hooked it all up to look like his main computer, but instead of having a harddrive and processor inside, it was a grow! :)

    Even his roommate never knew until the harvest day. :)
  20. College is stressful enough, atleast IME, without having to worry about getting ur door knocked down for a few oz....

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