Growing in Coco, learning curve/problems

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    First time grower, wish I woulda went organic, but I chose coco and now im having problems, never ending problems.. and very SLOW growth. :sad:

    Info: Coco, just turned 3 weeks old.
    -Nutrients are flora series, currently around 430ppm with 4M/5G/1B with 2.5Ml(RO Water!) cal-mag per gallon. adding silica soon.
    -water every couple of days, don't water till runoff.
    -4ft 4 tube HO Fluorescent, switching to 1000HPS(dimmable) soon, might be sooner than later because im not sure if the slow growth is being caused in part by not having enough light)

    -Because there is so much varying info on feeding, watering, flushing, pH, PPM when using coco, im kind of at a loss.

    -Plant 1: Of the three, this one is the worst. I did a no no, and watered a day after a watering because I thought it was a N deficiency, but now im not sure. Im leaning towards nutrient lockout as the cause of the yellowing not subsiding

    The remedy I believe for this would be to flush, but ive read conflicting reports: one being that if you feed properly you shouldn't need to flush, the other that its good to flush every 2-4 feedings. How do you properly flush? What amount of runoff? with pH balanced water? Im thinking since im in coco I would flush with pH balanced RO water with cal mag in it.

    -Plant 2: I've only fed twice so far, as it takes a while to dry in between waterings, but the yellowing will go away for a few days, then start to return, not sure why but when I upped the nutes the tips are starting to curl down, but not burn. Cant possibly be N overdose because of the color of the leaves.

    -Not sure what to do for this, but should I have runoff every time I feed? Because it takes a while for the coco to dry out, so if I did water that much it could easily take a week for me to need to re water.

    -Plant 3:I think this is nitrogen toxicity, the leaving are "canoeing" I guess you could say, getting the same feed levels as everything else. Still growing slow.

    ---If you cant help with everything I understand, im asking for a lot of info, but help with properly flushing would be greatly appreciated(water amounts, runoff, water type.)

    -Also, as far as not needing to flush: Measuring the levels of runoff, if the ppm coming out are higher than going in means lower the feed ppm lvl, and vice versa.

    Ive researched so much but there is so much fucking misinformation out there, couple that with my problems, and I don't have time to keep skimming through the bullshit for the two lines of good info.

    Thank you
  2. Ph for hydro is 5.8 to 6.0
    Use the hydro side.

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  3. Hey there, I can't see you're pic. But I can help you with coco.
    Ok, you must know you need to flush coco before you use it.
    Coco is considered hydro so you can water/feed every day. Runoff is a must! It helps control the built up salts and the ph in the coco. You want to get about 20% runoff.
    You can not over water coco as long as you are getting runoff and you're not leaving the roots soaked in water/feed for days on end.
    The roots still will need to have some dry time, so making a water/feed schedule is a good idea.
    I water/feed every morning and if she is really thirsty, I'll water/feed again about 8hours later.
    Underwatering/feeding is the most common mistake new coco growers make.

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  4. Here is my girl.
    Totally coco grown with Dutch nutrients.

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  5. That CaMg might be causing you lock out ...CaMg caused nothing but problems with me . You have all the nutes to use the 3hads conversion of the Lucas formisl for coco . That's what I use and love it ... 6ml micro 9 ml bloom and Epsom salt instead of the CaMg .

    Google( 3had goes cooc ) if you want to read more about what I'm talking about

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1457024655.572033.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1457024709.514275.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1457024751.446267.jpg

    Growing in coco with the 3had formula
  6. That's why I said if I watered to the point of runoff, it takes a long fucking time to dry out to the point where id need to water again, I have about 50-60% perlite in the mix which is why im confused. Its canna coco, tested at the right pH out of the bag, nd I didn't wash it because I read canna was good as far as salt buildup before use. So when you water every day, is the coco dry after each day? Or is it still moist but not soaking? Unfortunatley I transferred to too big of pots too early.

    Can nobody see the pics?

    The 1st plant is getting worse, I want to flush it today but I just watered it yesterday and itll take a few days to dry out. -----If I flush, since im using RO water should I add cal-mag to the water and then pH balance it or just use plain pH balanced RO water? I also have FLoraKleen which is what I think im going to use.-----

    -I know of the HEAD formula, but I chose to follow the regular 3 part for ability to adjust nutes based on the signs of the plant, not sure what to do now...
  7. When I water/feed, the coco is still damp or moist.
    You're treating the plant like it's in soil. The weight check does not're plant will be hurtin. ITS HYDRO!!:)
    I'll feed, I have an overflow container attached to my planter plus a container to catch anything that comes out of the planters overflow which is waste. My over flow is full after I feed and I let my plant bottom feed until it's gone. But in an 18hour I can give my one plant 4.5L in total for that day and maybe 600ml is waste...the overflow is empty after the 18hr of light and ready for more 8hour later.

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  8. That might be why mine are growing so slow, because im not feeding enough. I was waiting till it was dry about 1-1/2 inches under the top.

    -About how much, ratio, do you use to flush?

    Can I use flora kleen inbetween feedings to clean out salts? I know I need to flush right now beause I haven't watered until runoff yet.
  9. Just flush with a ph 5.5, take the size of the planter their in and run through 3x the amount of the size of the planter. So if you have a 5 gallon planter, you'll need to pour at least 15 gallons with a ph of 5.5.
    After the flush the ph runoff should be around 6.0 to 6.5.
    The runoff ph is normally going to be a little higher then what you pour in to water/feed.
    Don't worry about using that flora kleen, the flush will take care of the salts. when using coco and getting good runoff, the build up of salts are need for the additive

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  10. Oh yeah, I can't see any of you're pic...please try and upload more.

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  11. Alright, so I watered almost of all of them because it was about that time, measured the runoff, I was going in with a 600ppm solution(3 weeks old plants) and most came out between 640-700. A couple came out RRALLY high at 740-780ppm.... I'm gonna flush the ones that came out really high the day after next..what's the amount of ppm in the runoff that let's you know you need to flush, like 100ppm over the feed lvl?
    I'm hoping they'll dry out enough to water every day, at the very least every other day, since you said yours aren't dry when you water.

    --you said you water every day with feed. By that logic, should I lower the strength of the feed since its going to be fed every day? Or keep it where its at. Also, what's the way you tell if you need to up the feed?

    I will post those pics later today, not letting me for some reason...but I can see them perfectly, go figure.. Check back later today if you can
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    I don't do ppm's....never have. I go by what the plant is telling me and keep to my schedule. Sorry it doesn't help u very much their but I go by ph but I do understand ppm so I do know what you're talking about. I would continue to feed the same amount even tho you'll be doing it more often.
    Yeah my plants are never dry when I water....maybe just the top is a little dry, but that's where temps, air circulation and air transfer is important.
    After u flush and once u start getting good runoff with every watering/feeding, controlling the ppm/ph in the runoff is pretty much self-controlled. My plant is about 7weeks old...I flushed the coco before I used it and I flushed again before she started to flower to clean it up.

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  13. She is an auto, stands about 3' tall. It's CandyCane, by CropKing.

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  14. Nice man. Looks real good/healthy
  15. I wanted to wait a day or two to see how my plants responded and they LOVED getting watered like that, I watered each till runoff and flushed a few that needed it.

    A few have nute burn, so I'll lower the nuted by half to make upandsee if that helps.

    But again....I have problems..... A few have this weird thing happening where the leaves are almost folding up in half. Color looks fine, and the tips aren't burnt. What could it be?

    Second problem is I'm getting these light brown/tan spots on two plants, not sure what'd causing it, can't figure it out. It just started right now, do I'm trying to nip it in the bud.

    3rd problem is for some reason, a couple plants leaves seem to be developing divots in them, like I was pokinf it or something, its starting near the tips of the leaves. I'm posting pics shortly, the new site isn't letting me post the pics I used too for some reason. I'm waiting to water today till I have a diagnosis of what's going on.
  16. march 6.1 (2).jpg march 6.2.1.jpg march 6.5.1.jpg the first pic is the one with the dimples on the leaves towards the tip, and its also folding up like in half.

    third pic is the one with nute burn.

    second is the one with the brown spot, its kinda hard to see but its just starting, I saw the same thing on another plant.
  17. Ok, I think I'm see a little issue. Notice how low you're plants are in the planter.
    Not filling the planter will cause you're plant to do some weird things...sometimes if air circulation isn't that great, planting them that low can cause humidity and heat issues.
    Be careful how you water/feed, try not to get any feed on the leaves.
    Misting is also not a good idea at this age. Only mist seedling if needed.
    Not sure if would cut back on nutes by half..but try it and see how they respond.
    Is that just coco and perlite?

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  18. There were a few plants that are like that, low in the pot, the rest are normal, but I lowered the nutes by half and it seemed to help. I was digging and found that apparently the taco folding fcan be caused by a magnesium deficiency. When I dropped the cal mag to 2.5ml/g the plants seemed to respond better, I think ill keep it at that level until they get bigger. Im adding silica soon, I gotta re look at the levels to add that at, but I know it gets added first because it can cause the pH to swing.

    As far as I know I haven't gotten any water on the plant leaves.

    When flushing, I've been flushing till the PPM are around 300 which is where the nutrient level is and if it goes down after the feeding, it needs more, and vice versa. So I can tell if the plants using the nutrients or if I need to lower. Is this correct or should I flush more?

    Here are the weird dimples, still stumped, not sure what's causing these.
    march 8.1.1.jpg

    On the plus side, they are lovin the new watering schedule, thank you for that advice, you really do have to treat these like hydro, and not in dirt. march 8.2.1.jpg march 2.3.1.jpg This is a 4 day difference!

    Let me know if my pics still aren't working, I have to resize them to be able load, but they should be fine now.
  19. Pictures are working now.

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  20. everything seems to be going fine now, they are getting bigger so I think im going to start watering every day soon instead of every other day. When they are smaller they don't use the water quick enough to water every day.

    --With the Flora Series, how do you increase you're nutrient levels, because what the website says only gives certain ratios, but the ratios change each week. I'm wondering what ratios are acceptable to use because as you know, the amounts on the website are maximums that should be used per week, and I want to adjust the levels to fit the plants.

    -Also, does your nutrient reservoir pH change over time? I properly buffer it since I'm using RO water with Cal Mag but then a couple days later the pH will drop or something. How do I avoid this?

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