Growing in Closet at School

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  1. A buddy and I have been working on our set up for about 3 weeks, prolly a little more. I was just hoping to find some people to follow along with my thread and eventually give me advice in scenarios I might end up in. Let me know how I'm doing and how I can do better. Thanks, and happy stokin (smokin and tokin).

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  2. um dont u think they will catch u growin it in school closet
  3. its a dorm closet i hope lmao.
  4. not a great start doing it at school
  5. if this is in a dorm or on any houseing that is owned or joined by the school stop now please. you will get kicked out of school and they will press charges.
  6. I suggest you keep that room sealed up well.
  7. im gunna be like everyone else and tell you NOT to grow at school... its a terrible idea

    but on the other hand... what kind of soil are you using? it doesnt look like it has any perilite or vermiculite in it, and you want that to keep the soil aerated. THey are basically little white styrofoam balls... thatll be a big help

    secondly, your plants are stretching like crazy already... you need a stronger light, or maybe even a different kind... what kind of light are you using?

    it looks like a very small CFL... and for 4 plants, that wont be so good
  8. If you get busted with pot, you can be stripped of your financial aid and scholarships if you got any. I thought abot growing at school last year but considering we were getting busted for kegerators, fireworks, parties, fighting, smoking bud, etc etc I figured it wasnt the brightest of my ideas. Be careful
  9. I'm currently at college and i live off campus in a house with 3 other dudes. No cop/school worries around us at all. The closest house is like 300 yrds away so im pretty sure i'll be fine even though we have a landlord but he never comes inside. Its a frat house i live in but in college if a party gets busted all they do is say turn down the music, they dont care here and theres ussually no weed at parties or atleast out in the open so dont have to worry about probable cause.

    Also, im using organic soil, theres two 30 watt cfl's and i dont have them in vermiculite but i started lowryder seeds the other day in vermiculite. I have newer pictures of the plants and they are gorgeous, they stopped stretching so much and some are turning out to be real bushy. I can't get the pics on the net till i use my roommate's comp. should be soon tho. We topped 2 of them and they are growing amazingly. I'll post more pics. I room with my one buddy and we are doing it in his closet, i have another basically walk in closet like 2x the size of his so i'm not worried about space. Thanks for the input, put more in!
  10. this thread was started yesterday and those little ladies have been topped? and have grown to be bushy? lol then please share your method.
  11. Well i've been taking pictures of the whole process and it wasnt until a few days ago when i had the time and capability to subscribe and then fuck around with a bunch of didgital camera shit and by now we have topped two and have decent size meristems. Those pictures are from about 4 weeks ago, hence my first thread starter about starting three weeks ago. Thanks for the support i guess
  12. Post more pictures I'd love to see what you've got now. Did they stretch bad? In those pictures it looks like they could stand to be moved closer to the light. As far as growing on a dorm your grow looks relatively small, but to be on the safe side I'd create some sort of system to move the air out. Good luck and happy growing!
  13. Im retarded and delted so many good photos of the set up just a minute ago but took some quick photos to keep the people interested. Here they are, "bushy" or some of them. You will also notice two of them that have been topped and are growing at an alarming rate. tell me what you guys think, the norm?

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  14. couple extra ones... you like the school books keepin 'em high, Anyone think that we are keeping the lights too close? The way i saw it, the middle of the plant will get a lot of good light right next to the light and the light in the background(cuz there's two) will give light to the under foliage. Hit me back and i'll keep ya'll posted. Also, im going to start a thread or directory thread to a forum where im going to post pictures of my shrooms growing.

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  15. Yeah those lights are little close. Raise them up a couple inches. Looks like they are doing pretty well though.
  16. I just transplanted them today. I had some extra organic soil so i mixed that with new potting soil and in two cases had to add vermiculite b/cuz ran out of soil. Also if you noticed, there are 5 white cups, lowryder seeds started in vermiculite. Two sprouted so closer to the light, hence the stacked cups.

    I think I waited too long to transplant but I dont know the rule of thumb on it so I'll just ask. The roots were all on the outside of the plugs, swirled around the outside and the plants were about 4-8 inches. Any clue wat reprecussions there will be? Also the light isn't directly above them anymore, but is still above them, will that hurt them at all. Its also a little bit further away. Is that going to make them stretch in a bad way or do some of them need to be closer?

    Send help if you can. Nonetheless, if they die, here are some pics of the newer set up. Thanks for chekin 'em out.

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  17. Looks like they're doing pretty good, a lot like the setup I'm just about to finish for my apartment closet at school. I think you might need some more light though. I'm gonna be using six 40 watt CFLs, probably more than I need but the more the better.

    What are you doing for ventilation/odor control? For my closet, I'm using a cheap bathroom exhaust fan being ducted through the wall and the "Perfect Odor Neutralizer" from this thread:

    Finding a fan to fit has been a pain, I finally resorted to cutting the lid to fit for a smaller fan. The ONA was an even bigger pain... had to order it online but if it keeps the odors down and my chances of being caught at a minimum, I figure it's worth it.

    What's the story on your shrooms? You get a grow kit somewhere or something?
  18. Ya i think you're right about the lighting. I have another 30 watt cfl or so that I was literally about to go hook up.
    I'm not worried about ventilation yet but when they do start reaking, I think my buddy and I are gunna keep opening the closet and with the huge box fan, we'll be blowing out the window. No one lives around us at all so as long as i do it at night time, i dont see any problem with it.
    About the shrooms: There are sooo many different ways you can do it. Im doing a method where you take brown rice flour, vermiculite, and water in jars, steam sterilize them, innoculate with spores (which i bought offline), and basically let sit for awhile. It's a pretty tedious gig b/cuz basically everything that has any contact with the "substrate"(mix in the jars) has to be completel sterilized or the entire thing is ruined, Atleast that jar anyways. Look it up online, youll find more info than you can read.
  19. I forget what kind of light that it is but i added a twisted cfl i think but i was thinking about putting it directly over a diffeent plant everyday so each one gets a really good day of light. What do u all think. Also, does the distance from the lights have an effect on how much of the rays the plants take in? One last q, is there any small inexpensive lightbulbs that i can buy to give it a different light specrum than just red and blue? Thanks for your help
  20. The distance from the light has a big part in CFL's. A couple of inches can mean 100% more light. When looking for more lights there are diferant "temps" 2700K is usually used for flowering. These have a more orangeish color. So if your going to pick up some buy these kind so you have them. And there are 4-5000K which is good for vegetative and this is the most common type.

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