growing in clear-cuts on public land-loggers..eek!

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  1. Has anybody here grown pot in a clear cut. I was wondering if anybody knew how often loggers come to an area they replanted with baby trees a few years back?

    Probably do a fair bit right after planting them. But within a few years the crop(oh sorry, genetically diverse ecosystem) can take care of itself, right?
  2. genetically diverse?? ..aren't these thing monocultures? :confused:

    (oh and sorry, I don't know how often they go back)
  3. It was a joke. The logging companies don't give a fuck about the health of the ecosystem, but they act like they do so they can trick us into letting them fuck over our public lands that are owned by you and I. It's just a fucking crop to them. can I say FUCK any more times?:mad:

    well, at least some good comes out of logging.:smoking::smoking::smoking: cultivation.
  4. That's like saying MJ is just a crop to us. It would help if you knew someone in the logging company who knew the schedule on planting and other treatments. It is often several years between harvesting and planting. This would be a good time for a crop or two, The danger is that before planting they often spray a herbicide to kill undesirable species and if your crop is sprayed you are screwed. After the new trees are planted some places nothing else is done and some places a selective herbicide is applied after a few years to give the new trees a boost on the competition. You really should find out about the local practice and the schedules. Ask someone local who works in the industry, (the forest industry, not the pot industry).
  5. you don't deserve to talk. you know there are some good things that come out of logging like the roof over your head. and fyi, the logging companies do re-plant trees, and grow them out because in 20 years they need wood to cut and they go back to the same forests that they planted before, it's called planning for the future, you can't harvest a crop if you dont sew the seed. your proboably one who believes alot of conspiricys huh?
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    Okay, I'll do this without name calling....but it's reeaaaaallly hard with you kind of people.

    Okay Mr. (that's polite, huh) The trees they replant are of one species and are often clones. So therefore the clones are susceptable to the same diseases. So when a disease comes through it wipes out the whole forest! Wow! IMAGINE that! A forest in my area would originally have such species as western hemlock, doug fir, vine maple, western red cedar, and some alder. Most logging companies will completely destroy the landscape by getting rid of many small trees and brush that get in their way. They replant all doug fir and all species in the forest suffer....or usually a small number of species become quite common, while others disapear. Believe it or not, this imbalance in the food chain eventually makes it back to us. Say for example a bird lives in a cedar tree and eats some sort of beetle that kills doug firs. If there's no cedar tree, the fir is F(*&ed. It dies, and we can't harvest least not at full maturity.

    I urge anyone in oregon to compare the lower salmon river in the Salmon Huckleberry wilderness to south lake on hebo mountain. The crop on hebo mountain is all grown up, but you can most definitally see the difference between it and the salmon river(going there this week for some fly-fishing:yay:.HELL YA!)

    And as for needing a roof over our head I blame those assholes(oops, name calling) who have four thousand square foot homes. They want the american F*&^%ing dream. I blame conspicious consumption.

    And for your other question: No, I do NOT trust our government. I guess you do.:rolleyes: Well, ignorance is bliss, I guess.

    Hope you learned something today.:rolleyes:

    Anyone who thinks I'm full of SH1t can PM me instead of getting off-topic....but whatever. I think this question is kind of a toughy, anyway. Been wanting to do a successful grow for a long time with minimum risk.

    Overgrow the government!
  7. haha, all i'm sayin is the logging companies are provideing a service for you and if you use their product you should be thanking them. if you lived in a steel/concrete home you could make an arguement, but until then you are the reason those forests are being cut down so if you don't want it to happen quit complaining about others and do something yourself.
  8. I have no desire to live in a large house and I recycle..... and of the places I lived was primarily made of brick called the grabow building. There's a photo of it on flickr. I can find the link for you if you want.

    Yes, we need trees for us humans to use. I admit that. Logging could be done more responsibly.

    .....less people putting pressure on our resources would help alot.

    .....please use birth control.....wonder if that comment will rile up another politically retarded person.

    Horray for abortion!

  9. grarrr logging garrrrr baby murder garrrr what else are we going to argue about immaturely? garrrrrr lmao garrrrrrrrrrr BORING grarrrrr
  10. Okay, I vow to ignore all comments pertaining to politics from now on. I couldn't resist writing that little side comment, even though I knew it would cause us to get off topic, and I apologize.

    How about this...AMERICA IS THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. America is actually one of the worst industrialized nations to live in. Okay, I just love putting out bait for people with IQ's below 80.

    I can't stand republican(shall I say ignorant redneck?) stoners.

    I'm done. I'm off to go kick it at Mt. Hood so I won't replying for a while anyway.

    I actually still have a little bit of contact with someone who's studying forestry at OSU, so maybe I'll give him a buzz......we took different paths.
  11. ok, even tho i'm retarded for a reason i have yet to know and you have violently attacked me and my character (which shows alot about yours) and p.s. i got a 32 on the ACT i know thats not an iq score but unless your one of the .2% of ppl who scored better than me you should shut your mouth when it comes to general knowledge. i'll stop too because we can relate on the fishing aspect, i just finished building my spearfishing house and am so pumped for winter so i can stick a 40" northern:hello:. anyways, i'm sure noone goes back to check on those sites to check on them until it is within a few years of harvest, so they know when to cut. just make sure that theres no other reason ppl are going back there. is there a water source near by? sounds like an ideal spot for sunlight tho.
  12. okay, were both intelligent and both off topic. so anyway...

    Ive been looking at clear cuts on google earth and I'm not exactly sure what specific clear cut I'll be growing in. I'll be tromping around in those parts for the next couple days trying to answer that question mytself. It'll be in the vicinity of one of my favorite rivers in the area, that'll be good because I'll be able to fish and have some fun up there too. My spot will probably be less than a mile away from running water.

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