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Growing in Clay?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Remenissions, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. I live in GA, and here most of the soil is clay. I was wondering how well weed would grow in it.
  2. You're going to want to bring in some soil of your own for this, clay is good for well developed plants, but otherwise it retains a lot of water and can lead to your plants drowning due to lack of drainage.

    I also have a heavy clay mix in my area, what I did was dig some 1'x1'x1' holes and added a mix of 50% organic potting soil, 30% earthworm castings, 10% coco coir, 10% perlite, and river sand as well as built a small mound in the bottom of the hole like how trees are recommended to be planted so that any stagnant water would be away from the root ball until it dug into the clay soil.

    To determine how heavy the soil is with clay, take a gallon of water and pour it into your hole and then time how long it take to drain. If it takes 20 minutes or more and you push the soil together and it clumps together easily you'll want to make sure you add some good builder's sand / river sand in your hole and then test it again to see if the drainage improves. Another thing I did to help besides building the mound in the bottom of the hole was to build a mound on top of the soil as well so that the plant will be sitting a few inches above the ground when transplanted there. I added some mulch to the top of my soil to help improve moisture retention as well to try and extend the time between watering the plants.

    Good luck!!
  3. needs more silt and sand to make nice loamy soil. some good compost yada yada. npk blah blah

    don't feel like making a whole nother list for you.
  4. I read you need real coarse, gritty sand to mix well with clay. Have no personal experience of clay though.
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    Georgia? You are a LUCKY man. You can grow cannabis trees in that red clay! You're down south boy! Here's what I suggest for your first grow: Dig a 1 square foot hole in that clay (yes I know that is a very small hole, but I know what I am doing here) and amend it with a little potting soil, like Promix BX, maybe 30% promix and 70% clay and chop it all up to loosen it up best you can. Throw in a handful of worm castings. Start your seedlings in solo cups using only potting soil and then transplant into the hole(s). You will be amazed at how well you do...Oh and when they get a little bigger add a 3 inch layer of shredded hardwood mulch or even grass clippings would work. This really helps retain moisture and condition the soil!
  6. I also like growing in clay here in Florida, I usually replace them with a 2 foot deep hole with 33% potting soil, 33% sand, 33% compost. Once your plants get big enough to have roots over 2 feet long they have a constant water source.

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