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  1. Hey guys. It has been awhile since I have posted anything here. I got caught up in my school work for a bit, and I also was in a sub-par growing apartment. But now I am back where I need to be and I'm planning a new grow :smoke:.

    I want to do this this grow with canna coco instead of soil. I hear only good things about it and want to give it a shot. Before I full commit though I have a few questions..

    How many plants should I expect out of 3 x 50L bags? That converts to around 34 gallons, dry. If I use 3.5 gallon pots that about 9 plants. Can I start the seeds in the 3.5 gallon pots and let them live their entire lifes there, or should I start with small cups?

    I have heard they light to drink alot of the canna A&B ferts. Will 2 x 1L bottles be enough for this first grow?

    My current lighting situation is 1 400W HPS and 1 400W MH w/ Hortilux bulb. I plan on buying some small CFL's to light the undergrowth when the time comes but will the 800W combined be enough grow around 6 big plants?

    If I decide to take clones and split the lighting (HPS for flower, and MH for veg) will the 400W HPS be enough to flower 6 plants alone?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks. Hopefully I will get a journal up soon.
  2. I'm in the middle of my 1st coco grow, and it is not the cake walk I had hoped for.

    Discoveries so far:

    The coco is pre-moisturized in the 50 lb bags. The coco doesn't really change its displacement much, regardless of how wet it is or is not. If you scooped a gallon pot full of it out of the bag, then watered it, it might sink into the pot a half inch.

    Canna's instructions and schedules conflict and are nowhere near enough information.

    Dilute the coco with something like perlite or hydroton, escpecially if you are going to try planting them in the 3 gallon pots. That way the water will drain faster and the plants will have an air reserve under the coco.

    I still don't know how in the $%^# #$%^ing hell you're supposed to measure the nutrient level and pH of the coco. Canna gives instructions for using 150cc coco samples from deep in the pots, but I can't be scooping that out of my little pots on any regular basis. They seem to think all the users have acreage of hydro crops.

    I planted mine in 1 and 3 gallon pots, and it has been a problem for the following reasons:
    The coco absorbs water like soil, so the nutes/water can't be just dumped out and replaced instantly, which is the way I am used to. When you need to adjust something about the nutrient solution, the only way to do it is to wash out the old solution, which means you have to pretty much drown the plant to do it. This becomes a big problem when you want to adjust more often than the plant can tolerate being overwatered. I hope that this will become a progressively smaller problem as the plants get larger and go through more water.
    The lights burn the water out of the top inch of soil in a matter of hours. If the pot is way bigger than the plant, then the whole rest of the pot will still be pretty much saturated with water. So you have to either auto-feed the plant at small intervals, drown the plant on a regular basis, or just let the top inch dry between feedings.

    When/if I ever get everything balanced out in my system, I can see how this could be an ultra low maintenance hydro system. So far, though, it has been very uphill.
  3. Hey, I know this is a fairly old post, but I thought I should let you in on my discoveries with coco so far.

    Coco seems to raise the ph by itself quite easily, which turn some of the lower leaves a bit yellowish. This can easily be fixed by simply squeezing a lemon or lime into you tank before feeding.

    Another thing is that plants seems to react better if you mix the cannazym and a+b mixes in two separate tanks. Canna coco is great stuff! Super easy!
  4. There's 1 after it was rough manicured.
    I might use coco again, and I also might not. If you know how to make it right, it would be a lot less work than pumps and net baskets and holding branches up with fishing line.

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  5. Dam Bro thats beautiful..Im definetly switching my medium asap to coco...Looks like a winner to me...
  6. lol it says, squeeze a lemon or lime into the coco!

    what a kick

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