Growing In Canada

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by shane4050, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Well im hopeing that i will beable to grow a few plants this year seeing as i just recently moved to a farm and i have plenty of room to grow.
    I was just wondering when should i put my seeds in the soil outside in my tomato / bluebarry garden? I already have my seeds say around 200 or so and i know how to germinate.

    Btw Im Growing in Ontario Canada say some where 45 min drive from toronto
  2. If you're ona farm, do it dude..i live in the city so it sucks for me ha..
  3. anything thats good for a tomato is good for weed soil wise anyway good luck im in seattle so i dont know if ur above me. hope ur grow goes well, i wish i lived on a farm...

    ur fellow grower

  4. someone told me that weed was legal in canada... i didnt beleive him but never bothered to ask lol so is it?
  5. Man i wish ppl get busted down hear all the time lol like ppl buy big new houses and just use them as grow ops <-there recently the 1's geting bussted most.

    i hear if were caught with like 2 grams or under they cant do nething but take it away unless its seperated then we get trafficing

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