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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by punchreba, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Hey GC , I recently started some sprouts in a basement of a house. It's new to me and a couple seem to be curling down... I have a gut feeling the humidity isn't right/air quality but my temps are 70-75 lights on (havnt shut them yet as they will get a week of 24). And the rh seems to be 40-50. Any tips or pointers would be great...


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  2. How is your basement setup, is it completely below the ground, or does it have a door pretty much at ground level on one side, and underground on the other?

    I grow in a micro cabinet in my basement - I live on a ridge so under half at ground level... Air seems fine, and also helps keep temperatures down.

    The biggest thing I noticed it to the basement seems to be a favorite place for insects, but mostly spiders and ladybugs for me....

    How's your grow setup down there?
  3. It's underground but I guess I can open hatch doors to let fresh air in... I just moved in so not much of a set up but they are under t5s/cfls atm, and I have a 400 hps for flower. Yeah I'm noticing the insects too. And the Webb's... I need to do a big clean down there actually...glad to hear basement can work

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  4. basements are actually the preferred growing space, security issues are easier to deal with "out of site out of mind", cooler temps help greatly in reducing cooling costs, floor drains and water lines are easy to install so yeah you should find it works out well.
  5. Sounds great... I was only able to do the tent thing in a small apt. so far....

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  6. You'll really like the basement, I don't think fresh air is a crazy issue for you honestly, may just be droopy ladies :p.

    The basement was out of sight out of mind for me too, I've got a family and in laws that visit and are a little less than approving, so I keep it inconspicuously located with a bunch of "junk" in storage. I have an ona bucket upstairs next to the litter box to deal with household odors, and a homemade carbon filter in my cab to reduce odor (doesn't fully scrub). You'll like your space

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