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  1. Hey! So I've never grown weed and I've recently started to get interested in growing! I've been reading up a lot but I just have one question: can I grow weed in an apartment without the land lord or other tenants finding out because of the smell? I'm not going to grow a lot either. Just enough for personal use so probably like 2-4 plants.
  2. ...whatever you do, make sure you don't attempt to grow without a carbon scrubber....especially in an apartment.... you'll also need to pay attention to the noise fans make....once you got all that figured out, keep your mouth shut....good luck bro.
  3. You should be fine with smell if they're in a room inside the apartment.
  4. Very risky to grow in property you don't own. Lots of talk about risks of apartment growing in the Security section, check there. Basically, as a tenant you don't have the same privacy rights as someone who lives on property they own, because the rights of a tenant have to be balanced against the right of the landlord/owner to protect and maintain his property. So they can enter your apartment, sometimes without prior notice, and even with prior notice that can leave you with a scant 24 hours to figure out what to do with your grow.

    In most apartment situations you have many people around you and very close to you, so odor control has a much narrower margin of error than if you were in your own home. And, your options for odor control could be limited as you may not be able to cut through walls and ceilings, you may not have many outside walls, etc.

    Personally I would never grow in a rented property.
  5. I am too wondering about rented property. I live in an apartment block, whilst my landlord doesnt visit too often or without warning, there is a property management company who comes in to the building every 2 weeks or so. They have a rota on the board in the hallway where after every time they visit they sign - i noticed today that on the rota it says green fingers quite clearly. Could this be their gardening rota? or does it mean something more?

  6. fingers :eek: ....fuck that! ...I wouldn't attempt nothing there!
  7. Green fingers is a company in my area a gardening company- so maybe referring to that
  8. The problem with apartments is that they can enter the premises without permission when there is an emergency. I had a problem apartment building where they entered several times over 2 years due to leaks and idiot maintenance crew who couldn't fix it properly.

    You make sure it is away from any plumbing and don't cheap out on a intake fan for the noise will give you away if they have to enter the room where the operation is.
  9. ...oOOOoooooh. I bad....I was like, WTF?, Run, RUNNNNNNNNN! :D
  10. Lol yeh I know- I am a little paranoid though I must say. I'm not sure that the maintenance company use that gardening company I'm just being positive!
  11. I harvested 6 lb of my outdoor in a 2bedroom apartment with no scrubbers or anything for fans. I don't think id ever do it again. My whole complex smelled for 2 weeks. People would walk around and be like "damn that smells good wonder who's smokin." And id try not to laugh.
  12. One of my boy's old dealers got busted growing 6 plants in his apartment about a year ago now. Personally, I wouldn't risk it.
  13. You can keep ur setup in a locked room only u have a key to an keep a tv or radio on low enough to block fan sound.

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  14. And if a pipe bursts behind the wall in that room? Or there's an ant infestation and they need to spray every room? Or your stupid neighbor upstairs left the bathtub running and it overflowed and leaked into that room? In an apartment you just don't have that kind of control. And even if a maintenance crew comes in and doesn't enter the locked room, they still might smell it or hear the fans and then they can either rat you out or, more likely, come back with buddies to rip you off.

    Growing MJ is to be taken seriously, particularly in non-med states. You need the right circumstances to grow, and if you don't have the right circumstances then the risk is too high.
  15. Your talking bout me I'm in high states an I manage everything that's been tossed my's wat u make it

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  16. ^^^^^ This. Growing in any rental property is risky, with a rental apartment being riskiest of all..... So many ears, eyes and noses around to find and rat you out. This combined with all the factors mentioned that would be out if your control leaves a recipe for getting busted. This hobby is about managing and controlling risk, which is impossible to do with a rental apartment.
  17. Don't say its impossible, just shit the fuck up, don't tell anyone, and don't sell. Be cautious of who u have over and smell and noise.

    I've done 2 grows in my apartment with no problems
  18. Its not impossible to do, just far more risk than i would ever be comfortable with. Landlord inspection, building maintenance, nosey neighbours are all beyond your control when growing in an apartment. Simply not telling anyone is not enough to keep you safe in an apartment.

    You may have done a couple of grows, but that doesnt change the fact that this apartment growing is extremely risky. The law of averages applies in that if you continue to grow in an apartment its a matter time before someone hears, sees or smells something they shouldnt and gets you busted.

    What it comes down to is what level of risk you are comfortable with. I aim for lowest risk possible, and waited till i purchased my own home before growing as i wasnt comfortable with all the things beyond my control in a rental property, especially an apartment. Apartment growing can be done, that doesnt mean that it's smart, safe, or recommended.
  19. Just do what I did, being a resident in my current apartment complex and having a good relationship with the management I have been able to reduce ALOT of risk. I actually requested that the building to give me the spare keys they would use to access my apartment should they need too so now if they ever need to enter my apartment I MUST BE PRESENT or I can refuse should it be a routine inspection of some sort (ex. Pest control) Also know the tenants around you and become friends with ones that might rat you out so should odor leak into one of their apartments they would let you know. Overall be a good tenant and if something breaks in your apartment always avoid calling the building, see if maybe you could fix it. Good luck with your grow should you start it.

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