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Growing in apartment room

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Prototype772, Oct 28, 2014.

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    So im gonna be growing my first 2 - 3 plants in my room, my question is the odor of the weed worse when growing or when smoking it, and if its worse when growing how can i stop it without buying carbon filter or air purifiers.where i live getting caught lands me 20 - life. my room is at the far end of the window on the 10 th floor btw does it help?

  2. feds watching

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  3. Growing in an apartment is sketchy. It's not yours and can be accessed by a number of people at any time (landlord, maintenance, property manager).

    20- life really worth it for 2-3 plants?
  4. been here a year dont think anyone will come in unless i call them, well i need weed to sleep and other stuff.
  5. The smell is much stronger and apparent when growing.... than smoking. Growing in an apartment will require a grow tent with a fan and carbon filter setup so that you can exhaust the hot smelly air through the filter and out of the tent. You can also smoke in the tent, too....and get the same filtration effect.
    The risk, as said, of growing in an apartment is that there are many people who have keys and access to your apartment. Don't believe that you have to call them for them to come in my friend. It doesn't matter what state you live in. Ultimately management can enter without notice if there is suspected illegal activity inside, and you can bet they will have LEO accompany them inside. I've seen it happen.
  6. i heard that it also depends on the strain right? i think i might have the aceh strain cos its the only one available here i think.any one know if its a strong smell strain?
    Yes, each strain will vary in how it smells during it's growth cycle. Some will be more pungent than others
  9. Plants smell unbelievable when growing. You WILL need a carbon filter no matter what strain. If you can't ventilate your grow area, still throw a carbon filter with the fan in the room, it will still greatly reduce the smell. Nothing else will work as well as a carbon filter. Amazon sells carbon filter + fan combos so invest in one, they aren't that expensive. You won't want to risk not using one especially since you're in an apartment.
  10. 20 to life...that fuckin retarded. I would just probably kill my self.
  11. i think all they got here is air purifiers and they cost 100 dollars which is pretty much a big deal here. here 10 dolars would be like 100
  12. I do it man and she's a big girl. I live right next to the managers office and no smell. Without carbon filter and inline fan would stink up the whole place.

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  13. Why are you putting yourself at so much risk for 2-3 plants?
    If you're really that keen on growing your own plants, you should do so when you know that you've minimized all possible risks. There's no point trying to do this if there's a good enough chance that it'll land you in prison for 20 fucking years. 
  14. it helps me, without it i cant even sleep and im depressed
    So then go buy some weed man, no point going through such hassle when - simply put - you're currently not equipped to handle this sort of thing.
    Want to really be depressed and unable to sleep? End up in prison serving 20+ years for growing a few plants in your apartment unit. 
  16. not very healthy them plants bro
  17. I don't use a carbon filter. But if my land lord or the cops see it I'll tell them to suck my dick. I might get a ticket...
  18. grass is illegal here
  19. That would explain the incarceration and whatnot.
  20. Don't grow if you don't own the property because in an apartment complex there are a thousand things that can and will go wrong.

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