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Growing in an apartment

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Uvwxyz9, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Hi all! Me and some friends want to get an apartment and grow weed but only enough for us, not to sell. What I was wondering is, is that a good idea? Do you think the landlord will check? If so could I hide it? I'm only 19 and this would be my first time out of my parents house so if I'm missing any other problems please elaborate. I really just want to get high for free :smoke:
  2. Bad idea. It'll smell super strong, it'll use a LOT of electricity (and I mean a LOT)... yeah, that's basically it, but that's bad enough. Unless your landlord/neighbors don't give a shit, you'll definitely be under suspicion.

    I wouldn't take the risk, but if you decide to, I would see if it would be possible to use fake names/IDs/whatever so if it did get busted you have a shot at getting away clean.
  3. Dont do the crime, if you get do the time...
    Just be smart about it.
  4. It'll stink, if you have your own house, then yeah, but an apartment isn't the best idea.
  5. i guess if u kept it to one plant and did a little cfl grow u could b fine, itll still smell tho so plan ahead i guess
  6. ^^ One plant isn't too bad, and you might be able to get away with it if no one complains. But think about it like this OP, once it starts to vegetate, it's going to smell like marijuana 24/7, for at least 8 weeks, and it'll get stronger and stronger as the plant grows. Are you willing to deal with a stinking, budding marijuana plant for at least two months in your apartment that will spread throughout the apartment?

    You guys should find a house to rent instead, then you can do it.
  7. Thanks for all the replies, I just want to say that its not an apartment complex, but a house that we would rent out. I called it an apartment because that's what he listed it as. Is that any better? Plus it would probably only be one or two plants, like i said its only for me and my roommate and we love to smoke but i don't think we would need more than two plants, would that still smell? How could i get rid of the smell?
  8. do you want to take that risk? try to find a place in the country to grow, if you can, if you really want to grow.
  9. and u wont b gettin high for free man tht bill will be big and also if u get caught and go to jail or something its also not very free, is it?
  10. The reason why an apartment is bad is because you are literally next to your neighbors, wall to wall. Smells can seep through, especially a growing cannabis plant.

    Your own house? Now thats totally different. You can grow two plants and be fine. I suggest you grow in the basement if there is one, or on the top floor if there is one, that way it isn't where most people would walk by (like the main floor). It will still smell INSIDE, but you won't have to worry about it seeping through and getting outside, it wont do that in a house. With a house there's insulation in the walls and drywall, plus distance between the houses where there is constantly fresh air, so your neighbors won't smell it unless its a huge grow with like 50 plants. A couple plants will be fine.

    As far as smell, you can't really do anything to cover it up, but you can place the plants in concealed areas, like a room in the basement, or a closet upstairs.

  11. carbon filter will help with smell
  12. Do you really think just two plants will change the bill that much? Can you give me an estimate on the difference? i didn't think it would change a lot as far as power but i could very easily be wrong.
  13. It won't be anything too bad, really. Between $10-$30, nothing out of the ordinary. With only two plants it's gonna be around 10 bucks increase per month.
  14. BurtonToker doesn't know what he's talking about.

    You could run a 600w in a 4x4 tent in an apartment relatively easy ($25~/month depending on $/kwh), obviously requires adequate odor control and a noise dampened blower. The only issue really is any unexpected notices to enter from the landlord.

    You said you wanted to do or 2 plants, which is even easier. If you have a small budget and only use DIY carbon filtering, then you should go with low odor genetics to not cause any problems.
  15. You'll get a lot more information on this in this section:

    Indoor Marijuana Growing - Forums

    As far as smell goes, you will not have to worry until you start the 12/12 light cycle which initiates the flowering stage (Unless you go with a high odor strain). This is when it will smell, and it will smell quite strong for the length of that stage. There are ways to quite efficiently cover up the smell.

    -Carbon Filters
    -Good Ventilation always helps.
    -Growing a less smelly strain of marijuana
    -Many other ideas in the section I provided.

    Basically with one to two plants if you plan ahead, you should be ok. Just don't do it until you're prepared, and have the correct equipment.

    Good luck :)
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    Do you think he has any fucking idea what you're talking about s7exiled? For starting a first time grow, I doubt he's going to get a noise dampener blower and a ventilation system rofl.

    But hey, if you want to explain all of that to him and give him step by step instructions feel free, I was giving him advice on how to grow without a lot of other stuff. And he said he's growing in a house, he doesn't need a difficult ventilation system for a few plants, but like you said he should choose to grow a strain that has low odor.

    And I meant it will smell when it begins to flower, human error, but it can smell as it is vegging too.
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    Northern lights #5 is pretty low odor.

    Maybe a 400 watt hps for flowering and 4x 27 watt cfls for vegging.

    Maybe 30-40 bucks on a carbon filter (home made) and you could easily grow 4-6 plants.

    In total, you could spend around (+-)300 bucks and you'd have enough weed for you and your room mate to smoke for months and months.

  18. It's going to a much better expirience for him if he does get all the equipment now instead of realizing huge mistakes later and getting fucked.

    To the OP I assume you've done a decent amount of research on growing, but before you start your grow make sure you know as much as possible, as it will just make things go smoother just like anything else in life. Know what you're getting into.
  19. obiosly u dnt knowwat ur talking about, burtontoker, like everyone else was saying tht growing in an apartment is risky which is very true even with a grow tent and yes depending on wat lights he chooses the electric bill will b alot.
  20. Terrible idea.

    The more people who know, the greater the risk of getting caught.

    When you get a place to yourself, then it's time to reconsider.

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