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  1. Is there a book or videos on growing in an apartment? Is there a way to maintain the smell? Which guide do you guys think would-be best
  2. It totally depends on the space and layout of your apartment, how serious a security breach would be, do you have to protect it from regular visitors or just occasionally?
    There are some great PC case grows, and some cool cabinet grows where people have totally customised a sideboard to have a stealth space in the living room.   If you have a large closet there are small tents that would serve.
    Here's a couple of "post your grow" threads from the indoor micro forum
    Someone used a fridge
    Take a look around at the boards these threads are on and think about what you have to work with in your apartment.
    Good luck!
  3. Would have never thought of a fridge! Gives reason for heat and noiseand seal for total dark!! damn good idea! 
  4. Might I suggest gutting an old mini fridge, or better yet a small freezer. Go with a 250w HPS or 90-150w LED and a small bathroom fan with proper ventilation and a carbon filter.
  5. Wouldn't a mini fridge be to small? Are there strains that are really short?
  6. You can get very small dwarf autos from some breeders, and you can also train some plants to be small using LST.  Check out some of the PC grow cabinets in the links I added, they are as small as some mini fridges (some mini fridges may be smaller)
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    I'm gonna do it in my bedroom closet. Dimensions are as follows:
    5 feet tall
    1 3/4 feet width
    2 feet length
    I'm gonna construct the growbox myself not sure how yet, anyone know the cheapest + best way?
    And If I do it right will smell be an issue?
  8. Smell depends.  If it gets hot, it will smell more.  Some strains smell reaaaaaaly stinky, really really really like wow stinky, and some smell quite nice like herbs, and some don't smell all that much.  If you can include a carbon filter with an inline fan into your setup, that will filter the smell out of the air before it spreads from your cupboard.  You might be able to keep the door closed and just have some scented candles or whatever in your living room to cover up a slightly funny smell if it's not too bad.
    Here's a tip - don't use tin foil.  If you want the inside of your box to be nice and reflective, use plain white paint/plastic, or buy some proper mylar not foil or blankets or crap like that. plain flat white or mylar, don't bother wasting your time fixing up any alternatives just paint it white.
  9. Thanks. Will def get a carbon filter. Any Recommended ones?
  10. You guys think there's enough space for flowering and veg? I was thinking 3 veg and 3 flowering
  11. You'd have to make the two spaces totally light proof from eachother, if they were side by side.  You might find that the veg plants will grow too large while you are waiting for the others to flower.  It would make two very tight spaces, probably better to have one larger space.
    How about you try growing autos. You can have the lights on 18/6 all the time, and just plant a new seed every month?
  12. Yea I'm gonna do auto, most likely critical mass. Is 18\\6 good lighting? And will led lights go well with it?
    How much space does one almost mature plant need?

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