Growing in an Apartment Possible????

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  1. Looking to grow in an apartment in a major city. Is this just idiotic or can it be done with stealth and security? Looking to grow a good number of plants.

    If it is possible. what should I be looking for in regards to an apartment? 1br? Any specific features? Certain floors to stay away from?
  2. Hi...

    The number one item, in regards to keeping your grow safe and secure, is to NOT let ANYBODY know that you are growing. This is really difficult when your plants are looking great and you want to impress your friends or parents or whomever, but.... if nobody knows that your growing.. then nobody can tell another person, who tells his girlfriend, who tells her best friend..... you get the idea

    This is made even more difficult if you only have 1 bedroom!. Unless you never have people over, this could be hard to do. Another comment you made was wanting to grow a 'good number of plants'. Again, difficult to keep a lot of plants hidden...

    With all of this being said, the answer to your questions is YES. I would look for a seperate bedroom to be used as your grow room. You could use the entire room or build smaller rooms or tents - 1 or 2 for flowering, 1 or 2 for vegging, and area for clones and moms..... You will have to make sure that your flowering rooms are 100% light proof, since you do not want any light leakage during 'night' time. You would also want some way to keep the temps in the correct range and filters to keep the smell out (or in). You didn't mention if your planning on hydro or soil - soil can be easier for first time growers.

    Everything you need to know can be found in the various stickies in the different sections, from other videos on yourtube (or whatever) or by asking questions. Make sure that you research everything before asking questions... everybody here is more than happy to help, but want you to educate yourself too.

    Good Luck!!!
  3. Yes, well no one is ever coming back to the apartment other than myself. I'm not selling it and have 0 interest in showing anyone.

    I'm just worried about smell leakage. Like when I open the door to the apartment. Will smell escape? Very condensed city and just a little leakage of smell could alert hundreds of people.

    Also worried about light issues and using high electricity. I hear that's how people get caught. Too much electricity. Also worried about getting rid of all the heat produced by lights.
  4. 1. Tell No one.
    2. Change the lock on the front door so that management can't get in.
    3. Make damn sure your washing machine hoses/toilets are in good shape and won't be prone to leaking.
    4. Wait until the wee hours of the morning to bring in bags of soil, ballasts, or anything else that may look like growing supplys.
    5. Don't make lots of noise or do anything else that might draw attention.
  5. do what he said and your fine! I grew 3 4foot plants in my ONE bedroom apt in a apt complex and i did just fine. The main thing is TELL NO ONE! And the 2nd most important thing is odor control. I used a small ionizer for my grow and it worked well enough but anything more then a few plants and u should look into carbon fliters.

    Its can be done and it is every day in apts just be smart and descret and your good to grow.
    Good luck and happy Growin!:wave:
  6. Electrical useage busts are for major ops.

    Stink is the #1 reason people get popped.

    Get yourself on the highest level of the building you can, and use carbon or a ionizer to get rid of stink and pump it out a vent.

    Like they say, "two can keep a secret if one is dead".

  7. Wouldn't using a carbon or an ionizer get rid of all the smell so it wouldn't matter what floor I am on?
  8. That is like asking how many balls of string does it take to reach the moon.

    (answer: ONE if it's big enough)

    The ionizer exhaust may be a little warm, but if heat isn't a problem then no big deal.

    As for the carbon filters, no heat problem, but I haven't smelled one that got rid of 100% of the stink.

    I just try to get it clean enough and mixed with enough fresh air before I dump it to the outside.

    If you can dedicate a bedroom for a system, you can put a pretty nice system together.

    Space and ventilation are usually the two biggest obstacles.

    Good luck.
  9. Definitely possible i grow in my 2bedroom appt. and i have to keep it from my parents i only have 3 plants tho, electric only went up like 20 bucks a month when i started, they never go in my room anyway i mean i hardly go in there just to tend to the bud
  10. Are you going to live there or are you implying you've rented a 1bedroom apartment for an exclusive grow area? Like you're not even going to live there yourself? If you need to live there, maybe a closet grow would work best... You can check out he link In my sig to see what I did... It looks discreet as hell, but good luck growing a "decent number of plants" if you do what I did... You've gotta compromise somewhere...
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    Define "a good # of plants". This makes a huge difference. I can have up to 8 plants flowering before I have to worry about using the carbon filter. I'm in a studio apartment using 1 closet for flower and 1 for veg. I harvest 4 plants every 4 weeks.

    As for being bagged because of a heat signature or elec usage, if you're under 50 plants or so, don't worry about it.


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