growing in a wall?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wv dro, May 10, 2011.

  1. im thinking of trying to grow in a wall in my garage. the space in the wall is about 8 feet tall but only about 3 inches wide. i guess it wouldnt work? :(. anyway i was just wondering. gonna go smoke a couple bowls. peace
  2. 3 inches is a pretty small space. I would say it would be difficult as a seedling gets bigger then that. My plants just left veggie mode about 8 days ago flowering now but when they left I think they were 10-12 inches wide.

    Plus usually walls have insects, bugs, rodents etc especially out in a garage.
  3. Seriously I am going with "NO" on this dude.

    You could do that for seedlings and small clones but a mature leaf is going to be too big to lay flat. I doubt that you would be able to keep it alive through flowering.

    Prove me wrong I don't mind!
  4. Is this a serious question? Not to be rude but I get buds double that diameter. I cant see how that would work. Not to mention what kind of pot do you plan to use? No soil/medium means no root system. No root system means no plant. I would also think even if you could find a way to get a plant to grow you will have ventilation and heat issues. Seriously if you want to grow, do it right. There is no point in taking the legal risks involved in growing if you aren't going to get the results you are looking for. There's a lot of ways to do stealth grows, check the micro grow section in the indoor section.

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