Growing In A Van?

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  1. Ive been watching a lot of videos and researching how to grow, i want to start but have nowhere to do it because im living in halls in my college. Ive got a van and was thinking about growing in there since i could set up some lights in a box in the back or something and grow in there but i was thinking the plants might get damaged while im driving or the heat could harm the van maybe. also i was wondering what to do about ventilation and what i should use to power the lights maybe a generator or plug them into the van or get a battery pack? The idea is still in a pretty early stage but hopefully ill be able to figure out a grow setup, tell me what you think any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

  2. Growing in a van seems like a sure fire way to get caught guy. But to help give you some ideas you could maybe set up some solar panels on the roof for energy. What type of van do you have
  3. Not worth it really. Your plants will very likely die in the summer heat. Without constant a/c the inside of the vehicle can easily reach 120 and cannabis in a closed environment will stop growing around 85 to 90 and start dieing if it gets much warmer. If they actually live and flower your van and everything within the immediate area may smell like cannabis, making it almost impossible to hide. You could possibly use large capacitors and batteries to power lighting, but solar panels mounted on top of a van that wreaks of weed isn't exactly a difficult puzzle to decipher. To top if off, your only option would be crappy floro lighting which means low yield and makes it even less worth the effort.
  4. What about renting a storage space? They have climate controlled spaces with electricity. If you didn't have a huge operation, just a few plants you could probably rig up some cfl's and a small ona bucket for smell.
    I cobbled together a pretty powerful cfl, 400W of light, using less than 100W of power. It gets warmer than a t5 but should still stay cool in an ac facility.
    Here are some pictures of my lights.
    View attachment 118232
    View attachment 118227
    View attachment 118225
    The only real problem is avoiding detection. Those storage places are pretty careful about getting your ID and making you sign that you won't have anything illegal in their space.
    If you have a cool roomate who is also interested in growing maybe you could do one of the PC microgrows. Might be safer in the long run.
    Good luck, stay in school, don't do drugs ;)
  5. no way.. i mean i could understand if u had a garage and another vehicle to drive... but no way driving around with them is a good idea...
  6. but it could be done if ur willing to risk possible jail time..
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    Zero chance of pulling of a van grow, especially if you are a newbie.   You've been watching too much Breaking Bad.  The most important part of growing is have a SAFE and SECURE space.......if you are in college than you have neither.    Wait till you graduate/have your own place, crrently you are not ready to get into this hobby, don't force it.  
  8. forget to pay the rent, and they sell the site to tv's STORAGE WARS
  9. Join the PC growers :D
    small plants sure, but it's better than trying to grow in your van lol
  10. Man, I thought I'd tried all the worst grow room ideas with a dog house, a hot as hell tool shed, the attic, and closet grows, hahaha. But the van sounds like a sure fire way to get dead plants. I agree with the person who said you'll never get past the heat. Maybe with it parked in the shade 24/7 and all the windows down. But it just sounds like a recipe for disaster.
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    Funny story though. My dad used to smoke in his car when he was a teenager and just tossed seeds on the floor all the time. Well, one day he left his car wondows open and it rained, soaking the carpet inside the car. Apparently that made a perfect seed starter, because he came out one day to a car full of seedlings growing out of the carpet hahahaha.
  12. Odds of cops randomly knocking on your door asking to see if you're growing weed 1 : 100,000
    Odds of Cops Pulling you over 1 : 1,000
    Odds of Cops Noticing your grow when they pull you over 1 : 5 
    It's all an odds game, these aren't actual odds, I am just showing that you are far more likely to make contact with the cops on the road rather than at your house. 
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