Growing IN a tree?

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  1. Has anyone had success or experimented with growing in pine trees? i mean securing a 5-7 gal bucket up near the canopy and growing off the ground? iam not to inexperienced, iam a OG refuge :eek:. Any tips, advice, stories doing this?
  2. it would work just hang it in a large pot and grow like it was on the ground, same thing.. but in a tree.
  3. So what are some good ways of disguising a 5-7 gal pot hanging/attached in a tree? it would be awesome if they didnt stick out like a sore thumb.
  4. I'm all about tree-grows. I'm planning to do it next season. I'd say fuck pine trees though. I've looked into cedars they seem a lot better. If you have the body build to climb the branches of the tree(s) and the agility and all that I'd build platforms between groups of 3+ cedar trees. Just make it as high up it will be supported but under all the branches near the top. You don't want to be heatscore but I figured having platforms to support one more more plants would be ideal. Choppers would not think to look at the tops of trees and even if they did it would be extremely hard to notice, especially with the extreme camoflague of the cedar leaf, which would still allow lots of light onto your platform at the top of the trees. Even if you want to stick you're plant out the top higher than the top brances I shouldn't think it would make too much of a difference. From the ground no one should be straining their neck that much to look up high enough (although it's more obvious if your patch(es) of trees are at the edge of a clearing or something) a patch in the middle of a forest would be good. Even if someone were to see your set up high up in that tree in most cases I doubt they would risk climbing it. They'd have to catch the plant in the perfect time of budding. Think about this: if they climb up your tree and brak a branch it's a rough fucking fall. It could bring death if you were high enough. This goes the same for you though as well. When climbing trees for marijuana growing or not you should always hug the trunk. It's obviously the strongest and most supported. If you're really going to be growing in trees just think of the effort. Carrying up pots, soils, possibly clones if you aren't starting from seed, and water every time you want to water them. That's a lot of tree climbing for the ammount of plants. You'd have to dedicated. Good luck though.
  5. Why dont u just use a rope and just hang the pot really high up. That way, to check on it or whatever, all you gotta do is just let the rope down.

    No climbing, no falling, and the pot could just hang right off the rope, even from the very top branches. And any medium or heavy duty 10mm dia. rope should be strong enough to hang 7 gallon pots of soil easy but still thin enough that it is not easily spotted.

    Set-up's a snap: throw a rope over a high-up, sturdy branch, tie it to a handle on the bucket, hoist the bucket up, and tie the other end to the trunk of the tree, or one of the lower branches.

    GL, really wanna see how u go about this
  6. ill probably have mine in trees for a few months

    think about it though if you have a 7 foot monster up there its gonna be a bitch to water

    also if it storms your plants will get blown out of the cedar tree
  7. my buddy said what he did this year was nail wood to a tree for steps then build a platform at the top then clear out branches for sunlight.
  8. You should search this 1, its been brought up many times before on this forum.

  9. Get a partner. Learn to "lead climb", get the gear and set the tree up for such. This leaves no ropes in place, just clips, every few feet up the tree. You clip the rope attached to your harness in as you climb up and reach one, and your man down bottom doles out the rope thru a belay device attatched to his harness. For added subterfuge you could place the first clip a ways up (where still safe to fall from) and out of sight, free-climbing the first bit.

    Rig a pulley at the top to get stuff up there (leave whatever rope/rig is attached to it up there when you're gone... or take it with you). Get your man down bottom to load stuff for when you send it down.

    You could switch duties periodically. It's great exercise... and motivation shouldn't be a problem :smoking:

    Many people don't have a choice (e.g. east coast of NA has pine, lotsovit, but no cedar).
  10. There was an article in high times about college kids who did it and had a really nice setup with irrigation and everything.

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