Growing in a small space.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by exzapel, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone! By my posting here you've probably figured out that I'm an absolute beginner to growing, and I have very few options of places I can grow, and I kinda decided on my closet, but my closet is small being 4x4 feet around and about 8 feet tall. One of the only things I know about growing is that that's probably an impossibly small place to grow in, but I'd like to make it work, so I came here to ask for ideas.

    I was thinking about getting a small grow box and putting it in my closet, but then I'd need a strain that would fit in such a small space, so I was wondering if you guys could kinda walk me through this?
  2. how many plant r u looking to grow
  3. Absolutely no more than 3, but probably 1 just to start as a newbie.
  4. bro... people grow plants inside of computers... thats more than enough room.
  5. That's great, but I want to do it a little discreetly, and I read that there are autoflowering strains, such as a strain called Lowryder/Lowryder 2, could anyone give me any tips/links to getting this done?
  6. why not just grow in the closet rather than putting a box in the closet??? i have a 3x3 foot worbrobe and i grew 2 plants successfully.. good luck....:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  7. How is that possible? Arent the plants supposed to be like 5ft
  8. From what I've read, auto-flowering plants are relatively small, which is probably what you'd grow in a computer case.
  9. Thay can be a lil' shorter than 5'....check out mine ...I flower a 1" and they finish at 14'-18" tall all bud and a few leaves...they dont even need branches
  10. get some medium sized bud. grow 5 plants till u find sexes. destroy males and then grow the females. 4 should be able to fit in there if u scrog and LST like a bitch.

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