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  1. hi....

    i have ONE seed, of the absolute best weed i have ever smoked...

    i want to grow in a shoebox, so what is the shortest that i can change the light pattern to start flowering???

    i plan on turning the shoebox on its side
  2. HUH ? Are you telling us you are going to grow entirely inside of a shoe box ?
  3. lolz this must be a joke.. seriously
  4. this makes me wonder..

    what would be the smallest area possible to grow weed in?

  5. lol. if its "the best weed youve ever smoked" invest in a real setup. i hope youre kidding.. cause thats just silly. look around the forums.
  6. alright guys, im not kidding.

    i have seen people do sea of green, and and i was just gonna do that with one pant, because i have one seed, and i need to grow in a confined space.

    but think about it, if i put an egg carton on the bottom for the seed and dirt and a light on the top and have it near an outlet, i don't see why i can't...
  7. ok. why a shoebox.? if ur trying to grow under the radar theres a million things that u can use that are a little bigger to grow in. be creative. and dude. paper box with lights hooked up to it... prob not a good idea on the whole fire saftey aspect.
  8. Be creative dude, trade up to at least a coffee can.
  9. alright guys, fuck the container problem, whats the shortest i can start flowering???
  10. i duno but its not good to flower real early.. you get small buds man. its best to veg for the right amount of time not cuttin it short.
  11. yeah i know i will get small buds, but i am going to make a few clones and feminise the seeds, so size doesn't matter
  12. I say u wait til its your season to plant and just do it outside. and til the meantime get some lowlife seeds... they'll grow pretty short for ya.
  13. A shoebox is not an option. Don't mess around; be practical. You will not be able to get ample light and if you do you will start the cardboard on fire. Additionally, excess water and vapor will soak/rot/mold the box. If you manage to plant in an egg carton your root system would not be nearly adequate to yeild any bud, of any quality. Plus, being uninsulated, the box would have an erratic environment which would make producing a female a complete crapshoot; odds extremely adverse.

    Look around where you live.

    Do you play guitar or bass? I once grew out of an old Fender bass cabinet. Go to a local pawn shop buy a large, old, cheap, even broken cab. Remove the cone and set up your environment. The amp looks completely ordinary. Nobody will ask questions and if they ask to play out of it tell them it's broken.

    Have you got an old computer CPU tower? Again, you can find these at pawn shops and garage sales. Clear them out except for the fan and set up your environment.

    I'm sure you can find lots of containers to fit your needs: a confined space but also a practical and usual one. Best of luck to you.
  14. alright guys i just rigged up and old computer with two 92mm fans, and a small light fixture meant for growing seaweed in saltwater aquariums. a guy at the fish shop said that he has used it to let plants grow in his snake terrarium, so i guess it should work....

    by the way guys, my goal is NOT to harvest much bud. i plan on creating feminised seed and 3 clones, which my buddy will plant inside for high yield.
  15. Then you won't be disappointed.

    100% chance of failure doing that. How do you plan to produce feminized seeds? Why do you want both femmed seeds and clones?

    You cannot grow a plant in a shoebox or in a computer case that will give you bud, seeds, and clones, there is only so much stress one plant can take and only so much output it can give.

  16. to get seeds wont you need a male for pollen? i don't see that happening with one plant.
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    lol, shoe box, lol

    You have 1 seed, it could be male, then once you get a female, how you going to make feminized seeds ? you would have to turn the female hermie, collect pollen and apply it on a different female, and you have 1 seed.

    You would have to be lucky. The only way this will work is if you get a female, take clones, turn one of the clones or the original hermie and apply on the other clones.

    Either way, you will need more space with all the clones you are planning on taking.

    Do you inhale anything other than weed ?

  18. thats correct you need a male plant to produce regilar seeds.. now if you were to strees one of those clones to hermie out you could polinate a female plant and get femalized seeds off the girl.. :hello:

    but thats not gonan work cuz you have sucka little grow space that you cannt hermie one plant out with out hermie'in the rest. unless you make anotherbox
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    man, it seems like you guys have either not read my posts completely, or not done research...

    my plan was to spray one small node node with colloidal silver and collect pollen, then pollinate to other node and collect seeds after flowering and see how much bud it yields for shits and giggles. this process. plant a feminised seed and clone that. by this time it should be a few weeks from outdoor planting time, and i can plant seeds outdoors, while using the computer case to create feminised seeds.


  20. So you dont actually need to flower at all, anytime soon. you can just keep the plant in veg, and let it crank out all the clones you'd like, which you can go ahead and sex later. Of course all will be the same sex, but if you had a female you would
    a. be producing bud *yay* and
    b. be able to use colloidal silver or whatever and get yourself some more seeds, to save for later when you have a good setup, or in case of mishap. Try to avoid getting your plants to turn hermaphrodite and self fertilise.

    To get the main plant and clones going though I'd assume you'd need at least 0.5sq ft of floor space, 1ft of height, and like 4or5 23-28w of cool white cfl 'energy saving' bulbs.
    So yeah a full sized computer tower would be perfect, but you'll need another for a plant that you want to flower and produce bud.
    Thats just me though...:hide:

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