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Growing in a rented home with roomates ?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by NFloyd2357, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. As of now, I currently do not have a Medical Marijuana Card, but I plan on having one by next summer. Next year I will be a sophmore in college, and plan on renting a house with some of my friends, and commuting to college. With a medical card in rhode island, I am allowed to grow up to 12 plants. What I am wondering, however, is do I put my landlord and/or my roomates at risk if i grow in said house? I have a card that legally allows me to do so, but I am afraid of this situation: Cops raid the house, or come in with a search warrant. They find the plants, and despite me having my med card, put the blame on my other roomates, saying they can't legally grow...even though its mine and i can legally. Essentially, I want to know that i can grow in the house, without really putting anyone else at risk. Does anybody have any information on how this works? What would happen in (1) Most likely scenerio (2) Worst Case Scenerio ?
  2. thats a good point.

    i was in the same situation. now i'm a sophomore in college living with 3 friends. one has a med card, but its expired right now.
    i was under the impression that its legal for the card holder only, and that roommates wouldn't be prosecuted if they had nothing to do with it, but i could be wrong.
    but if your living in a house with someone whos growing, you know it, and if you have bongs and shit laying out, then i have no idea how that would turn out.
  3. Ya both my roommates have their 215's. No one has started growing but one of them is thinking about it. I would imagine the cops would have a good case if they busted in on her grow stash and took a trip into my room with bongs and weed lying around. I don't think her card will hold up or anything.

    If you can actually keep everyones mouths closed about growing then it shouldn't be a problem. Cops are usually trying to find dealers and people that transport it. As you know already people get busted though for small grow ops but I don't think the risk is that great (at least out here in California).

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